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War Memorial Hall

370 Drillfield Drive
War Memorial Hall
War Memorial Hall

The building is home to Recreational Sports gym facilities and is used by the School of Education and the Department of Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise.

The gym provides students, faculty, and staff an area to pursue sport and recreational activities, such as racquetball, basketball, aerobics, and swimming.

The Virginia Tech Police Department maintains a substation in the building.


Building History

An alumni campaign to finance construction of a gymnasium to memorialize Techmen who had died in World War I began in 1919, and the resulting War Memorial Gymnasium was completed in 1926. Varsity basketball games were played in the gym from 1926 to 1961. The facility was also used as an auditorium, dance, and exhibition hall; radio and television offices; and Alumni Association offices. Initially called the World War I Memorial Gymnasium, the structure was closed in 1972 for significant renovation and expansion, reopening in 1975. A 1992 flash flood caused damage that necessitated remodeling.

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GYM / 182
37.22629, -80.42059