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Rector Field House

230 Beamer Way
Rector Field House
Rector Field House

Rector Field House contains a full-size AstroTurf football field and a 200-meter, banked indoor track.

In addition to being the primary indoor facility for the track and field program, Rector Field House is also used as a practice facility for numerous other sports, primarily football.


Charles W. Rector

The field house is named for 1958 alumnus Charles W. Rector, president and chief administrator of Rector Construction Co. Rector, who served on the university's board of visitors, was active in corporate, civic, and religious organizations and was known as one of Virginia Tech's most loyal and staunchest supporters.

Building History

Major construction on the building was completed in 1971. The track was installed and used for the first time during the 1996-97 season.

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RFH / 186
37.21899, -80.42168