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Kelly Hall

325 Stanger St.
Kelly Hall
Kelly Hall

Opened in 2009, Kelly Hall houses the Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science, which supports and promotes cutting-edge research at the intersection of engineering, science, and medicine. 

The building includes engineering-led research laboratories, offices, and workspaces.


Hugh and Ethel Kelly

Ethel and Hugh Kelly
Ethel and Hugh Kelly

Hugh Kelly, who died in 1989, earned his bachelor’s of electrical engineering in 1937 and a master’s degree in that subject a year later, worked at AT&T’s Bell Laboratories, and played important roles in groundbreaking projects, including the 1962 launch of the Telstar communications satellite, the first private venture in space.

Ethel Kelly, who died in 2012, generously supported Virginia Tech’s College of Engineering as a way of honoring her husband’s legacy.

Building History

The structure opened in March 2009 as the Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science Building. It was renamed in 2013.

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37.23108, -80.42244