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Robeson Hall

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Robeson Hall
Robeson Hall
Robeson Hall is an academic building that is home to the Department of Physics.

Frank Leigh Robeson

Robeson Hall honors the memory of Frank Leigh Robeson, who spent 53 years here as a student, faculty member, and head of the physics department. As a student from 1901 to 1904, Robeson helped draw plans for many campus buildings and faculty houses. During half a century of employment, he taught mathematics, mechanical engineering, and physics and wrote the leading physics textbook of the time. He was a Fellow in the American Academy of Science.

Building History

An academics building that is used by the Department of Physics, Robeson Hall was completed in 1960. It was known as the Physics Building until 1968, when it acquired its current moniker. At one time, the building housed a UTR-10 Argonaut-type reactor.

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ROB / 154
37.22783, -80.42518