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Pearson Hall West

310 Alumni Mall

New Cadet Hall

Pearson Hall West mirrors Pearson Hall East, which opened in 2015. Both are built in the Collegiate Gothic style that characterizes most of Virginia Tech’s main campus and accented with heraldry that celebrates the university’s history, the Corps, and the ROTC units. 

The 99,000-square-foot Pearson Hall West contains more than 230 rooms, plus study and lounge spaces on each level. 

The rooms and hallways are designed for cadets and their training needs, such as floor tiles in the hallways that are colored and spaced to help cadets practice marching and a mud room that allow cadets to properly clean equipment after outdoor training.

Both buildings’ basement levels contain a kitchen and laundry room for cadets and offices for Corps’ staff. Additionally, Pearson Hall West includes a gym, as well as workspace for the Corps’ physical trainer.

Between the two residence halls is a new plaza featuring an 80-foot flagpole and a maroon-brick sidewalk that forms the largest “VT” on campus to connect Lane Hall, Pearson Hall East, and Pearson Hall West.

Building History

Pearson Hall West, formerly named New Cadet Hall, opened in 2017 as part of the Upper Quad renovation that was announced in 2013.

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