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Merryman Athletic Facility

25 Beamer Way
Merryman Athletic Facility
Merryman Athletic Facility

The Merryman Athletic Facility includes a sports medicine and a strength and conditioning complex, as well as other facilities for athletes. The Michael Vick Hallway, on the second floor, includes the 130-seat McConnell Auditorium and nine meeting rooms for use by the football team; the Hall of Legends; offices; and the video department.

The Hall of Legends provides visitors with a display of Hokie football memorabilia.


F.W. "Sonny" Merryman

The Merryman Center is named for Floyd Withers "Sonny" Merryman Jr, a student here in the early 1940s and founder and head of one of Virginia's largest transportation distributors, Sonny Merryman Inc. A noted entrepreneur and generous philanthropist, Merryman has supported numerous organizations and financially helped hundreds of students to receive college degrees. At Virginia Tech, his decades of service in numerous capacities earned him his alma mater's prestigious Ruffner Medal.

Building History

The Merryman Athletic Facility was built in 1998.

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MRYMN / 187A
37.22155, -80.41906