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Newman Hall

200 Kent St.
Newman Hall
Newman Hall

Newman Hall is home to about 275 male and female residents. 

The residence hall is home to the Transfer Experience living-learning community, which provides members an instant group of peers who have had some college experience but are new to Virginia Tech.

Walter Stephenson Newman

Newman Hall was named in 1964 for alumnus Walter Stephenson Newman, who worked at Virginia Tech from 1922 to 1962 as associate professor of vocational education, vice president, and president (1947-62). A founder of the Future Farmers of Virginia, Newman was a pioneering vocational agriculture teacher and Virginia's supervisor of agricultural education. As president, he laid the groundwork for the college's development into a major university. He was the first recipient of Virginia Tech's prestigious Ruffner Medal.

Building History

Construction was completed in May 1964. Newman housed 292 men from 1964 until spring 1970. It was converted to house 284 women in fall 1970.

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NEW / 024
37.22612, -80.41787