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Bishop-Favrao Hall

1345 Perry St.
Bishop-Favrao Hall

Bishop-Favrao Hall serves the facility needs of the Department of Building Construction and the Myers-Lawson School of Construction. The building houses administrative and faculty offices and provides classroom space, seminar rooms, and studios. 

The building itself was designed to be a teaching tool. The structural elements that are usually hidden behind walls and ceiling panels in other buildings are exposed and labeled. That means students can clearly see the structures they are studying in use. All public spaces and all offices have exposed ceilings to allow students and visitors to see the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and electrical systems.


Richard Bishop and William Favrao

Richard Bishop and William Favrao

Bishop-Favrao Hall is named for Richard Bishop and William Favrao. Bishop is a 1967 alumnus, founder of Columbia Builders, a member of College of Architecture and Urban Studies Advisory Council and the Building Construction Advisory Board, and a key alumni donor for the building. William Favrao is a founding member of the Associated Schools of Construction and founder of the university's building construction program and head of the department until his death in 1977.

Building History

Bishop-Favrao Hall was completed in December 2007.

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BFH / 173
37.23005, -80.42548