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Major Williams Hall

220 Stanger St.
Major Williams Hall
Major Williams Hall

Major Williams Hall contains offices for various departments in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, including


Maj. Lloyd W. Williams

Maj. Lloyd W. Williams

Major Williams Hall memorializes Major Lloyd William Williams, Class of 1907, to whom has been attributed the famous World War I quote: "Retreat? Hell, no!" When French troops began withdrawing from a battle near Chateau-Thierry, France, a French major ordered Williams to withdraw, too. According to Williams's report, he "told him to 'go to hell.' " Williams was gassed and wounded in the battle and died when a shell exploded nearby as he was being evacuated.

Building History

Originally a residence hall, Major Williams Hall incorporates three sections built at different times: Barracks No. 5, erected in 1904; Barracks No. 6, built in 1927; and a section joining them, constructed in 1957-58. Another 10,614-square-foot addition was added during the last remodel in 1995 to convert it from a residence hall to academic use for a number of departments in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences.

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MAJWM / 007
37.23106, -80.42078