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Burrows-Burleson Tennis Center

570 Beamer Way
Burrows/Burleson Tennis Center
Burrows/Burleson Tennis Center

The 46,485-square-foot facility offers six outdoor and six indoor courts and is home to all men's and women's home tennis matches. 


Burrows-Burleson Families

The center was made possible by gifts from Dave and Betty Burrows of Roanoke; their son, Jack, and his wife, Lee, of Roanoke; and their daughter, Beverly, and her husband, Bob Burleson, of Tallahassee, Fla. In addition, others who provided support for the new center were Mrs. Clifton P. Gaunt, Mr. and Mrs. Leo M. McMahon, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Hoge III, Mrs. Carol B. Rector, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Rector Jr.

Building History

Rector Tennis Pavilion was built in 1975. The Burrows-Burleson wing was added in 1992.

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