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Seitz Hall

155 Ag Quad Lane
Seitz Hall
Seitz Hall

Seitz Hall is an academic building on the Ag Quad and home to the Department of Biological Systems Engineering.

The department, one of the oldest such departments in the country, was established under the original name, Agricultural Engineering, in 1920 to provide support for the food and fiber industry.

Some offices in the Department of Biological Systems Engineering are now in the Human and Agricultural Biosciences Building I.


Charles Edward Seitz

Seitz Hall is named for Charles Edward Seitz, who worked here from 1914 to 1953 as an Extension drainage engineer; Extension agricultural engineer; and head of agricultural engineering, which he founded. A pioneer in rural electrification, he helped introduce electric power into American farming; led the drive for a campus agricultural engineering building; and helped found the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, which recognized him for exceptional engineering achievement in agriculture.

Building History

Construction on the building began 1937 and was completed 1940. It was once known as Agricultural Engineering Building.

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SEITZ / 108
37.22448, -80.42361