War Memorial Court: The names on the Pylons

The Pylons above War Memorial Chapel hold a special place in Hokie hearts.

They are etched with the names of every Virginia Tech student and graduate who died defending our nation’s freedom, beginning with those lost during World War I. At the War Memorial’s center, the cenotaph displays the names of Virginia Tech’s seven Medal of Honor recipients.

    A cadet stands at attention at the Pylons.

Each name is added with a special Pylon Dedication Ceremony conducted by the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets. During the ceremony, the corps' regiment forms up on Drillfield Drive and on Alumni Mall, facing the War Memorial. The Gregory Guard, the corps' precision rifle drill team, performs a rifle salute, firing three volleys. The Color Guard presents the colors, the Highty-Tighties play, and a bugler performs "Echo Taps."

The Pylons evoke Virginia Tech’s core values. They are , from left to right, Brotherhood, Honor, Leadership, Sacrifice, Service, Loyalty, Duty, and Ut Prosim.

The following is the list of names etched on the Pylons: 

Name Class Pylon
Abernethy Jr., J.H. 1935 Honor
Aigner, N.L. 1939 Honor
Albright, J.M. 1942 Honor
Alphin, M.H. 1943 Honor
Anderson, D. 1945 Honor
Anderson, H.C. 1942 Honor
Armstrong, M.J. 1941 Honor
Ayers Jr., E.P. 1941 Honor
Bailey, W.W. 1935 Honor
Baker, M.H. 1938 Honor
Balsley, W.J. 1938 Honor
Banta, J.H. 1938 Honor
Barger, H.T. 1916 Brotherhood
Barnes Jr., S.F. 1939 Honor
Barnes, W.E. 1944 Honor
Barns, W.T. 1941 Honor
Basham, M.L. 1943 Honor
Beamer, C.M. 1938 Honor
Beaumont, C.S. 1968 Honor
Becker, W. 1946 Honor
Belknap, E.A. 1944 Honor
Bell, O.L. 1945 Honor
Bent Jr., P.C. 1946 Honor
Berkeley, J.C. 1912 Brotherhood
Besley, C.E. 1940 Honor
Bevan, R.C. 1934 Honor
Blackmon, A.C. 1944 Honor
Blair Sr., C.E. 1949 Honor
Bodine, A.N. 1935 Honor
Bontecou, P. 1942 Honor
Boxley, J.W. 1932 Honor
Boyd, J.G. 1941 Honor
Bradley, F.L. 1941 Honor
Brantley, T.N. 2001 Ut Prosim
Brauer, S.C. 1944 Honor
Breedon Jr., A.P. 1943 Honor
Brinkley, W.R. 1941 Honor
Brooks Jr., V.A. 1942 Honor
Brooks, F.O. 1951 Brotherhood
Brown Jr., A.G. 1947 Honor
Brown Jr., G.E. 1952 Brotherhood
Brown, C.R. 1940 Honor
Brown, R.C. 1943 Brotherhood
Brown, W.P. 1950 Brotherhood
Buckles, R.L 1964 Honor
Burd, D.G. 1967 Honor
Burr, C.G. 1935 Honor
Butler, R.L. 1915 Brotherhood
Bywaters, W.B. 1933 Honor
Callahan, K.S. 1943 Honor
Cameron, A.B. 1939 Honor
Campbell, A.M. 1943 Honor
Carlier, J.R. 1944 Honor
Carlson, A.V. 1921 Brotherhood
Carter, E.C. 1946 Honor
Carter, H.M. 1939 Honor
Chapman Jr., C.H. 1940 Honor
Chapman Jr., H.P. 1940 Honor
Charles, R.G. 1939 Honor
Chiswell, T.H. 1943 Leadership
Clark, C.R. 1944 Leadership
Clary Jr., W.R. 1946 Leadership
Clemmer, J.F. 1920 Brotherhood
Clowers, J.G. 2003 Ut Prosim
Cobb, P.F. 1966 Honor
Cobbs, J.L. 1953 Brotherhood
Cochran, A.T. 1945 Brotherhood
Cohen, B. 1936 Leadership
Colvin, R.W. 1942 Leadership
Cone, R.M. 1928 Leadership
Conley, R.H. 1946 Leadership
Connell, J.A. 1966 Honor
Conner, H.W. 1939 Leadership
Conner, J.B. 1922 Brotherhood
Conradi, A.M. 1939 Leadership
Covey, D.G. 1946 Leadership
Covington, W.R. 1946 Leadership
Cox, J.A. 1938 Leadership
Cox, R.A. 1943 Leadership
Crabtree, R.A. 1956 Honor
Crawford, J.G. 1928 Leadership
Creekmur, T.C. 1945 Leadership
Crow Jr., R.J.H. 1939 Leadership
Cubberly, G.E. 1932 Leadership
Cudlipp, J.M. 1912 Brotherhood
Darden, A.S. 1922 Brotherhood
Davis Jr., B.F. 1938 Leadership
Davis, S.L. 1945 Leadership
Davis, W.B. 1938 Leadership
Davis, W.C. 1944 Leadership
Day, C.C. 1941 Leadership
Dean, W.L 1944 Leadership
Deitrick Jr., V.S. 1933 Brotherhood
Delp, C.D. 1941 Leadership
Deming, T.R. 1941 Leadership
DeModena, R. 1946 Leadership
Derflinger, J.R. 1940 Leadership
DeWitt, J.T. 1939 Leadership
Diggs, D.W. 1944 Leadership
Dillon, J.J. 1945 Leadership
Dinsmore, R.S. 1945 Leadership
Dodson Jr., N.O. 1941 Leadership
Dollins, R.W. 1939 Leadership
Dotson, B.F. 1944 Leadership
Dotson, R.S. 1944 Leadership
Downey, W.B. 1941 Leadership
Downing, J.H. 1939 Leadership
Drinkard, D.L. 1951 Brotherhood
Drinkard, P.B. 1933 Leadership
Duncan, G.A. 1928 Leadership
Duncan, P.H. 1931 Leadership
Dunham, B.J. 1970 Honor
Dunkelberger Jr., T.W. 1943 Leadership
East, H.B. 1958 Honor
Echols, E.W. 1922 Brotherhood
Eckhart, Z.R. 2007 Ut Prosim
Edmunds, R.C. 1964 Honor
Edney, L.N. 1964 Honor
Edwards, C.W. 1941 Leadership
Einstein, H.B. 1927 Leadership
Emory, C.R. 1965 Honor
Etheridge, W.E. 1941 Leadership
Evans Jr., J.R. 1939 Leadership
Fairbairn, S.H. 1943 Leadership
Faris, J.R. 1932 Sacrifice
Farrier Jr., K.H. 1946 Brotherhood
Farrow, N.H. 1944 Sacrifice
Fazel Jr., C.S. 1943 Sacrifice
Femoyer, R.E. 1944 Sacrifice
Fish, S.W. 1945 Sacrifice
Fitzgerald, W.F. 1943 Sacrifice
Fletcher, C.W. 1951 Brotherhood
France, J.W. 1915 Brotherhood
Frankfort, W.E. 1944 Sacrifice
Fry, A.D. 1944 Sacrifice
Gates Jr., L.A. 1946 Sacrifice
Gatling Jr., L.T. 1936 Sacrifice
George Jr., P.E. 1946 Sacrifice
Gibson Jr., J.N. 1938 Sacrifice
Giddings, A.H. 1966 Honor
Glover Jr., J.A. 1945 Sacrifice
Gordon Jr., J.S. 1940 Sacrifice
Gouldin, R.A. 1933 Sacrifice
Gray III, D.T. 1965 Honor
Green, J.D. 1934 Sacrifice
Gregory, J.A. 1947 Sacrifice
Greig, T. 1936 Sacrifice
Grettum, R.B. 1939 Sacrifice
Grinnan, D.T. 1938 Sacrifice
Grubb, H.E. 1939 Sacrifice
Hall Jr., E.G. 1942 Sacrifice
Hall, G.B. 1938 Sacrifice
Hamilton, W.I.K. 1962 Honor
Hammond Jr., L. 1940 Sacrifice
Hanmer, R.A. 1942 Sacrifice
Harley, G.W. 1944 Sacrifice
Harley, L.D. 1961 Honor
Harman Jr., W.D. 1943 Sacrifice
Harp Jr., C.N. 1944 Sacrifice
Harris Jr., J.J 1944 Sacrifice
Harris, C.R. 1942 Sacrifice
Harris, G.B. 1943 Sacrifice
Hartman, A.L. 1936 Sacrifice
Harverty Jr., P.H. 1943 Sacrifice
Harvey, A.R. 1915 Brotherhood
Haskett Jr., W.T. 1942 Brotherhood
Haskett, J.W. 1936 Sacrifice
Hatcher, H.F. 1946 Sacrifice
Hawkins Jr., L.R. 1945 Brotherhood
Hawks Jr., B.B. 1941 Service
Hayley, C. 1944 Sacrifice
Hearn, M. 1940 Sacrifice
Hearst Jr., E.H. 1946 Sacrifice
Henkel, E.D. 1938 Sacrifice
Henley, R.R. 1943 Sacrifice
Herman, R. 1966 Honor
Hickman, N.A. 1918 Brotherhood
Higgins, W.A. 1945 Brotherhood
Hill, J.E. 1968 Honor
Hill, W.E. 1946 Sacrifice
Hite, E.G. 1933 Brotherhood
Hodges III, T.A. 1938 Sacrifice
Holcomb, J.R. 1945 Sacrifice
Holland, L.G.S. 1944 Sacrifice
Hoover, F.F. 1946 Service
Hornett, M.A. 1946 Service
Howard, J.L. 1945 Service
Howell, T.H. 1943 Service
Hukill, M.E. 1981 Ut Prosim
Hummel, R.B. 1937 Service
Hunter Jr., R. 1946 Service
Hutcheson, R.P. 1944 Service
Hutchison Jr., E.B. 1942 Service
Ingles, J.T. 1944 Service
Irby, F.M. 1941 Service
Irving, E.J. 1940 Service
Jackson, P.A. 1941 Service
Jagiello, J.A. 1946 Brotherhood
Jenkins Jr., A.G. 1942 Service
Johnson, R.D. 1963 Honor
Jones, E.A. 1943 Service
Jones, G.W. 1949 Brotherhood
Jones, J.A. 1915 Brotherhood
Jones, W.K. 1944 Service
Jordan Jr, F.H. 1938 Service
Karr, J.P. 1969 Honor
Kaylor, J.J. 2001 Ut Prosim
Keck, J.B. 1961 Honor
Kelley Jr., J.J. 1943 Service
Kelly, J.R. 1965 Honor
Kelsch Jr., W.L. 1932 Service
Kelsey Jr., P. 1941 Service
Kelsey, R.V. 1944 Service
Kesterson, C.R. 1958 Honor
Kidd, R.O. 1939 Service
King, B.D. 1944 Service
King, J.S. 1942 Service
Koslow Jr., W.J. 1943 Service
Kreis, W.W. 1937 Service
Kringel Jr., P.F. 1946 Service
Lacy Jr., E.C. 1940 Service
Lake, M. 1909 Brotherhood
Lambert, C.B. 1914 Brotherhood
Lapham, H. 1940 Service
Larimer, C.H. 1939 Service
Layman, C.W. 1947 Service
Leap, C.H. 1938 Service
Lester Jr., H.C. 1946 Service
Linkous, C.E. 1942 Service
Linton Jr., H.G. 1945 Service
Love Jr., J.T. 1940 Service
Lowe Jr., J.A. 1943 Brotherhood
Lucas Jr., C.W. 1945 Service
Lutz Jr., F.E. 1938 Service
MacLeod, D.A. 1948 Brotherhood
Manns Jr., M.N. 1990 Ut Prosim
Manuel Jr., J.S. 1968 Honor
Marean, N.H. 1937 Service
Marsh, C.R. 1945 Service
Marsh, L.R. 1938 Service
Mason, N.C. 2006 Ut Prosim
Matthews Jr., L.P. 1939 Loyalty
McCahill, H.K. 1941 Service
McClanahan Jr., H.C. 1948 Brotherhood
McCray Jr., R.J. 1943 Service
McGhee, G.W. 1970 Honor
McKenzie, B. 1944 Service
McKesson, E.L. 1941 Service
McMakin, B.L. 1935 Service
McPhail, W.W. 1942 Service
Meeks, G.E. 1940 Loyalty
Meeks, S.H. 1943 Loyalty
Michael, A.F. 1943 Loyalty
Miller, E.P. 1939 Brotherhood
Mills Jr., C.P. 1949 Brotherhood
Minsker, H.C. 1937 Loyalty
Mitchell, D.S. 2001 Ut Prosim
Moffett, C.S. 1939 Loyalty
Montague, W.G. 1943 Loyalty
Monteith Jr., J.W. 1941 Loyalty
Moore, A.B. 1916 Brotherhood
Moore, A.M. 1932 Loyalty
Moore, H.M. 1939 Loyalty
Moore, S.B. 1915 Brotherhood
Moss, H.G. 1946 Loyalty
Munden Jr., H.G. 1945 Loyalty
Murphey Jr., D.W. 1964 Honor
Murray Jr., P.W. 1946 Loyalty
Murry, S.W. 1916 Brotherhood
Musgrove, R.R. 1932 Brotherhood
Myers, B.A. 1939 Loyalty
Myers, I.B. 1946 Loyalty
Nelson, J.C. 1944 Loyalty
Nelson, W.C. 1947 Loyalty
Nichols, H.A. 1935 Loyalty
Nickerson, F.G. 1942 Loyalty
Nunnally, R.W. 1945 Loyalty
Nyren, N.J. 1995 Ut Prosim
O'Connor, R.G. 1938 Loyalty
O'Keeffe, J.F. 1943 Loyalty
Oliver, W.R. 1942 Loyalty
Orchard Jr., G.H. 1935 Loyalty
Pace, C.A. 1940 Loyalty
Palm, T.A. 1967 Honor
Palmer Jr., N.F. 1946 Loyalty
Palmer Jr., P.C. 1940 Loyalty
Palmer, J.F. 1940 Brotherhood
Parr, J.L. 1942 Loyalty
Patton, W.P. 1943 Loyalty
Payne Jr., G.H. 1945 Loyalty
Pfohl, C.T. 1944 Loyalty
Phillips Jr., J.L. 1931 Loyalty
Phillips, E.L. 1920 Brotherhood
Pierce Jr., J.R. 1942 Loyalty
Pierpont, G.H. 1940 Loyalty
Pittard, G. 1920 brotherhood
Pittman, H.O. 1946 Loyalty
Plunkett, G.W. 1966 Honor
Pollard, A.C. 1962 Honor
Porterfield, A.R. 1938 Loyalty
Powell Jr., R.C. 1936 Loyalty
Prance, W.C. 1939 Loyalty
Preston, J.W. 1947 Loyalty
Price, T.E. 2001 Ut Prosim
Pruhs, R.L. 1968 Honor
Purdum III, L.W. 1949 Brotherhood
Quarles Jr., R.E. 1946 Loyalty
Quinn, E.T. 1944 Loyalty
Rainier, J.K. 1935 Loyalty
Ramsey, D.L. 1943 Loyalty
Raup, R.W. 1941 Loyalty
Reese, W.L. 1945 Loyalty
Renick Jr., D.C. 1942 Loyalty
Rennie, R.C. 1946 Duty
Reynolds, E.B. 1941 Duty
Riggle, L.R. 1944 Duty
Ritchie Jr., S.B. 1941 Duty
Robb, R.K. 1945 Duty
Roesler, H.S. 1939 Duty
Rubin, C.M. 1941 Duty
Rubincam, V.G. 1940 Duty
Rush Jr., H.S. 1940 Duty
Russell, R.D. 1941 Duty
Sanford Jr., R.L. 1945 Duty
Saunders Jr., W.D. 1923 Duty
Saunders, R.K. 1946 Duty
Saville Jr., H.L. 1942 Duty
Schenk, J.B. 1940 Duty
Schmidt, R.C. 1945 Duty
Schott, R.W. 1944 Duty
Shaner, V.C. 1926 Duty
Shannon, K.A. 1961 Honor
Sharitz Jr., T.J.B. 1932 Duty
Shea Jr., R.T. 1948 Brotherhood
Sheets, E.H. 1946 Duty
Sheffield Jr., C.E. 1943 Duty
Sheffler, L.W. 1940 Duty
Shipley, J.W. 1936 Duty
Shrader, H.A. 1951 Brotherhood
Shrik, F.K. 1936 Duty
Shure, I.I. 1931 Duty
Silcox, H.J. 1941 Duty
Simonson, C.W. 1946 Duty
Sisson, W.D. 1940 Duty
Skeen, J.M. 1937 Duty
Skelton, C.W. 1944 Duty
Slusher, J.D. 1939 Duty
Smith, R.W. 1921 Brotherhood
Spatz, S.S. 1946 Duty
Spearman, D.G. 1961 Honor
Spencer Jr., R.H. 1941 Duty
Stailey, J.T. 1946 Duty
Stainback, J.M. 1941 Brotherhood
Sullivan, J.J. 1962 Honor
Stanley Jr., R.I. 1943 Duty
Stephenson, C.M. 1945 Duty
Stone, G.E. 1953 Honor
Stone, W.L. 1940 Duty
Sutherland, B.C. 1945 Duty
Sutton Jr., L.C. 1945 Duty
Tarpley, C.B. 1946 Duty
Taylor Jr., J.S. 1922 Duty
Taylor, W.B. 1940 Duty
Tenney Jr., C.H. 1946 Duty
Terry Jr., G.W. 1942 Duty
Thomas Jr., W.H. 1944 Duty
Thomas, H.J. 1941 Duty
Thompson Jr., J.H. 1943 Ut Prosim
Thompson, S.N. 1933 Ut Prosim
Tichy, E.R. 1945 Ut Prosim
Tilden, W.T. 1946 Ut Prosim
Tillar III, D.P. 1988 Ut Prosim
Tirpak, J.A. 1938 Ut Prosim
Tomko, J.H. 1943 Ut Prosim
Trent Jr., G.L. 1933 Ut Prosim
Triplett III, P.J. 1943 Ut Prosim
Tullidge III, G.B. 1945 Ut Prosim
Unsworth Jr., J.S. 1947 Ut Prosim
Vaughan Jr., H.C. 1943 Ut Prosim
Vernon, O.R. 1938 Ut Prosim
Vick, E.R. 1940 Ut Prosim
Vogel, J.R. 1946 Ut Prosim
Walker, R.P. 1935 Ut Prosim
Ware Jr., R.B. 1937 Ut Prosim
Warriner, G.D. 1941 Ut Prosim
Warwick Jr., W.B. 1949 Brotherhood
Waterman Jr., J.M. 1942 Ut Prosim
Wayland, C.A. 1922 Brotherhood
Weaver Jr., W.S. 1946 Ut Prosim
Weaver, C.L. 2002 Ut Prosim
Weaver, E.M. 1945 Ut Prosim
Webb III, W.W. 1964 Honor
Webb, A.E. 1922 Brotherhood
Webb, J.L. 1943 Ut Prosim
Webb, T.W. 1968 Honor
Welch, W.C. 1945 Ut Prosim
Whaley, A.B. 1946 Ut Prosim
Wharton Jr., T.S. 1945 Ut Prosim
Wheeler, E.A. 1942 Ut Prosim
White, M.F. 1961 Honor
White, W.C. 1938 Ut Prosim
Whitley, C.V. 1943 Ut Prosim
Whitmore II, G.D. 1968 Honor
Widener, R.W. 1936 Ut Prosim
Wiegel, C.W. 1919 Brotherhood
Willey, B.M. 1952 Honor
Williams, B.N. 1950 Brotherhood
Williams, G.S. 1938 Ut Prosim
Williams, H.C. 1909 Brotherhood
Williams, J.G. 1941 Ut Prosim
Williams, J.P. 1942 Ut Prosim
Williams, L.W. 1907 Brotherhood
Wilson Jr., J.A. 1950 Brotherhood
Wilson, J.A. 1939 Ut Prosim
Wince, W.E. 1942 Ut Prosim
Wingfield, W.H. 1944 Ut Prosim
Winston, E.L. 1942 Ut Prosim
Witcher, V.B. 1943 Ut Prosim
Womack Jr., H.A. 1943 Ut Prosim
Wood, J.D. 1935 Ut Prosim
Wood, N.S. 1939 Ut Prosim
Woodelton, K.A.N. 1943 Ut Prosim
Woodson, L.F. 1931 Ut Prosim
Wooldridge, J.P. 1944 Ut Prosim
Worsham Jr., J.P. 1942 Ut Prosim
Wortman Jr., S.F. 1940 Ut Prosim
Yeates Jr., A.B. 1936 Ut Prosim
Yeatts, F.L. 1931 Ut Prosim
Yowell, R.W. 1940 Ut Prosim
Zimmerman, H.P. 1947 Ut Prosim

Explore the Pylons

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About the Corps of Cadets

    Cadets march in formation.

Virginia Tech is one of two colleges in the country to offer a military program embedded within a larger civilian university.

War Memorial Court: Medal of Honor recipients

    The cenotaph at War Memorial Court contains the names of the seven alumni to receive the Medal of Honor.

Of the millions of men and women who have served in the U.S. armed forces throughout history, only about 3,400 have received the Medal of Honor, America's highest award for valor. Among those few are seven Virginia Tech alumni