Litton-Reaves Hall

    Litton-Reaves Hall

Litton-Reaves Hall is an academic building. Among its occupants is the Department of Animal and Poultry Sciences, which maintains classrooms and labs inside.


George W. Litton and Paul M. Reaves


George W. Litton George W. Litton

Litton-Reaves Hall honors former professors George Washington Litton and Paul Marvin Reaves. Litton was a Fellow in the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Man of the Year in Virginia Agriculture, state Cattleman of the Year, and an honorary Kentucky Colonel. Reaves earned Virginia Tech's first Wine Award for teaching excellence, was instrumental in forming a national student-affiliated chapter of the American Dairy Science Association, and was a recipient of that association's national teaching award.

Building History

Litton-Reaves Hall was constructed in 1981. Originally known as Animal Sciences Building, it was renamed Litton-Reaves Hall in March 1989.

Address: 175 West Campus Drive  |  Map Grid: K-8
Originally Built: 1981  |  Abbreviation: LITRV
Latitude: 37.2216 | Longitude: -80.424