The Grove

    The Grove

The Grove is the residence for the university president. It sits on a knoll above the Duck Pond and is built in the Colonial Revival style. In addition to residence space for the president and family, there are rooms on the first floor for entertaining and guest rooms.

Building History

The building has been the home for Virginia Tech’s presidents, with one exception, since its completion in 1902. The first inhabitant was President John M. McBryde, who lived there from 1902 to 1907. All presidents after McBryde lived there until 1971, when President T. Marshall Hahn Jr. constructed a private residence in Blacksburg, Va., and moved off campus. His successor, William E. Lavery, lived in the off-campus house during his entire term. Several departments used the facility until it was remodeled in 1987-88 to serve again as the home for university presidents and renamed The Grove. President James D. McComas moved into it in 1988, becoming its first presidential inhabitant since Hahn. It was last renovated (including the addition of new garage) in 2000.

Address: 225 Grove Lane  |  Map Grid: J-7
Originally Built: 1902  |  Abbreviation: GROVE
Latitude: 37.22432 | Longitude: -80.42731