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EUropean and Transatlantic Studies

The EUropean and Transatlantic Studies major provides a multidisciplinary approach to the study of Europe (including Russia/Eurasia and the Middle East and North Africa-MENA) and its relations with the United States and the rest of the American continent while emphasizing foreign language proficiency. Students interested in European business, European and transatlantic organizations, government service, international development, environmental affairs, and international communication/journalism gain a comprehensive picture of European and transatlantic affairs.

The curriculum includes courses in European politics, European business and economy, European organizations, European security, EU foreign & security policy, Russian Foreign Policy, and EU-Russia-China-US relations that allow students to learn about Europe and the transatlantic world. Students also select courses from Arabic, economics, French, German, history, Italian, management, philosophy, political science, religion and culture, Russian, sociology, and Spanish.

Career Options

  • Political and Security Analyst for the U.S. Federal Government and the Intelligence Community
  • Department of State: Civil and Foreign Service Officer
  • Think Tank Expert
  • Political and Business Consultant
  • International Civil Servant working for organizations, such as NATO, OSCE, and OECD
  • U.S. and European Banker, Researcher, or Analyst
  • Foreign Correspondent for a major network or publication
  • Middle or High School Teacher for European History
  • Professor