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Geoscientists are uniquely positioned to help solve the critical challenges that society faces today and will face in the future on our ever-changing planet. Water availability and quality, natural hazard mitigation, climate change, mineral and energy resources, and many large engineering projects all need the expertise of geoscientists. Geoscientists also develop our understanding of the history of life on Earth, of planetary science, mineral science, remote sensing, and a host of associated disciplines.

The role of the geoscientist has changed immeasurably in recent years and our recently revised undergraduate program reflects this. We offer an exciting new curriculum, designed to create 21st century geoscientists with skills, knowledge, and integrated problem-solving abilities. Our students learn in the classroom, the laboratory and the field, gaining invaluable experience for a wide variety of potential career paths. We offer opportunities for students to get involved in cutting-edge research, to study abroad, and to learn from internationally-known faculty. Because the scope of geosciences is so broad, our major is organized into a series of options, allowing you to focus on a specific sub-discipline as your interests develop throughout the degree. These options are:

  • Geology
  • Environmental and Engineering Geosciences
  • Geophysics
  • Geobiology and Paleobiology
  • Geochemistry
  • Earth Science Education