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Geography integrates social and natural sciences in a way that no other field does. Geographers solve pressing social and environmental problems in our globalized and rapidly changing world. We tackle issues related to both the human and physical aspects of climate change, natural disasters, disease spread, water resources, transportation, urban sprawl, forest and ecosystem degradation, and many more. As a geography major, you can learn to apply cutting-edge skills in geospatial information systems (GIS), satellite image analysis, modeling, qualitative and quantitative analysis, and laboratory and field techniques. Students can tailor their studies toward the areas of human, environmental, or geospatial analysis, but will gain valuable knowledge in all three areas. That integrative background, along with a tool kit of valuable analytical skills, will prepare students for a wide variety of employment opportunities across private, public, and government sectors. If you want to travel, study abroad, and learn about cultures, customs, landscapes, and political systems, geography truly is your passport to the globe. Geography majors take fundamental courses in the areas of human geography, world regions, and physical geography, as well as courses in mapping and GIS. Students also choose from major courses in areas such as sustainability, water resources, global conflict, weather, environmental problems, medical geography, mountain geography, remote sensing, policy and planning, and the geography of local and world regions.

Career options

  • Community/urban planner
  • Emergency management specialist
  • Environmental consultant
  • Foreign service officer
  • Geodemographic analyst
  • Geography teacher
  • Geospatial intelligence officer
  • Geospatial software developer
  • GIS analyst/project manager
  • International development specialist
  • Marketing analyst (real estate, retail, industry)
  • Public health analyst
  • Remote sensing analyst
  • Sustainability manager
  • Transportation planner
  • Water resources specialist


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