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Consumer Studies

Consumer Studies prepares graduates to analyze issues from the perspective of consumers, business, and government. Students learn to help consumers improve their personal and financial well-being, to understand issues from the consumer perspective, and to track economic, social, and political changes that can impact public policies. There are many opportunities for students to participate in undergraduate research, independent studies, internships, and study abroad.

Career Options

  • Market research analyst
  • Marketing strategist
  • Educator 
  • Account executive
  • Stock broker
  • Community relations specialist
  • Family financial planner
  • Marketing associate
  • Banker 
  • Insurance representative 
  • Consumer educator
  • Policy advocate 
  • Human resource coordinator

Job responsibilities may include customer service, social media, financial counseling, public relations, regulatory investigations, educational programming, and policy analysis.

Interesting Fact: The VT Save$ social marketing campaign is sponsored by America Saves. Students partner with local financial institutions and businesses to organize exhibits at campus events to raise awareness of the benefits of regular saving for financial security.