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Food and Health Systems Economics

Students interested in both the food and health systems will expand their knowledge and gain skills to pursue careers in public health, nutrition and health economics, and government policy through the Food and Health Systems Economics major. This major brings together economics expertise from both the food and the health systems to prepare students for fulfilling careers in both of these areas.

Students in this major learn about animal and crop production, food processing, and nutrition, as well as health as an integrated system. Students will graduate from this major prepared to address the complex and interrelated issues that link food and health, from obesity issues to unexpected pandemics.

Courses in the major include: Food and Health Economics, Marketing Agricultural Products, Introduction to Public Health, and Production and Consumption Economics.

Career options with this major:

  • Public Health Official
  • Food and Health Economist
  • Policy Analyst
  • Development Economist
  • Research Associate/Economist