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Packaging Systems and Design

Are you looking to design and engineer things that will change the world?

Are you dedicated to sustainability and how to implement “green” materials in the items used to package and transport everything and anything?

Are you dedicated to a reduce, reuse, and recycle lifestyle?

Are you interested in both engineering and design?

If you are looking for a creative, interesting and always-changing field, where design is the key to engineering products that are easily recycled and re-used to reduce waste for a greener planet, then you are needed in Packaging Systems and Design.

The gist

  • This major includes several aspects of sustainable materials and biomaterials in packaging for transportation, storage and delivery of products that must withstand loads, and how all components of the “package” interact.
  • This major will help enhance your understanding of cradle to grave issues in the recycling and re-use of packaging materials as well as explore how those issues are critical both to the environment as well as to business economics.
  • Increasingly important in packaging is the development of new materials that can be used with foods and drugs for storage and delivery.


For prospective undergraduate students

John Gray Williams

138 Cheatham Hall

For current Virginia Tech students

Dana McGuire

138 Cheatham Hall

For all others

Bob Smith

230 Cheatham Hall