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Building Construction

Accredited by the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE), the BC program focuses on the business and process of making, managing, assembling, and the performance of buildings, including their operations, finance, energy use, and sustainability. The BC degree options are designed to better equip construction industry professionals with the necessary tools for excellence in all phases of the built environment. The degree incorporates business, management, science, and efficiency at all levels; from planning, finance, design, estimating, procurement, scheduling, construction, and maintaining buildings necessary to the way our world will be built and lived in during the future.

All undergraduate career options begin with a three semester common core of study. This science-based core curriculum provides a basis for meeting ACCE accreditation requirements. Each option includes integrative elements of leadership, non-technical social and presentation skills, entrepreneurship, and best practice management principles to prepare graduates for the challenges of tomorrow. Upon completion of the four-year, 134-credit-hour curriculum, students receive a bachelor of science in building construction.