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Dairy Science

The dairy science program covers the basic principles of animal nutrition, physiology, lactation, genetics, reproduction, and enterprise management.

This curriculum provides a broad education in the natural sciences, animal biology, breeding, reproduction, nutrition, finance, and information management, as well as an in-depth and hands-on knowledge of dairy science.

Options available are dairy enterprise management, pre-veterinary medicine, and bioscience and a dual emphasis option for those who want to double major or minor in other programs.

Career Options:

  • Herd Manager, Farm Manager, or Heifer Replacement Producer/Consultant
  • A.I. Field Representative or Breed Association Fieldstaff
  • Nutritional Consultant
  • Milk Marketing Fieldstaff or Dairy Inspector
  • Financial management
  • Professional Training

Other accessible areas of interest include: agricultural communications, agribusiness, marketing, equipment/supplies sales, quality control, research, and diagnostic laboratories.

Interesting facts:

  • Approximately 50% of current Dairy Science students are double majoring, while many also choose to pick up a minor in a different program.
  • Thanks to dedicated students and faculty, the Department of Dairy Science boasts a 100% job placement rate of graduating seniors!