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Teacher Licensure Preparation

Expanding Excellence in Education, the School of Education is dedicated to preparing exceptional, equity-focused educators. 

For undergraduate students, we offer 5 programs:  

For other subject areas, you should major in the subject you want to teach and will complete your teacher licensure preparation program at the master’s degree level. Many of our programs allow you to earn both your M.A.Ed. or M.S. and your Virginia teaching licensure in a single academic year, starting your teaching career at the higher Master's degree pay scales. Degree requirements differ for each discipline. Our Teacher Preparation programs are designed for you to begin your career quickly and to maximize your earning potential.

To become a licensed teacher in Virginia, you need four key elements; (1) content courses, (2) required teacher assessments, (3) professional studies courses, and (4) student teaching experiences, all leading to licensure. 

Our undergraduate teacher preparation programs combine the content studies required for initial teacher licensure in Virginia and ensure you get the practical classroom experience necessary to excel as an educator. 

Our graduate teacher preparation programs focus on professional studies and student teaching; you complete your content courses as an undergraduate. All of our teacher preparation programs have content coursework checksheets to help you monitor your progress towards your education career goal. All of our graduate teacher preparation programs are Virginia Tech Approved Accelerated UG/GR Programs.