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EUropean and Transatlantic Studies Major

International Relations

Relations between the U.S. and Europe have become central to the U.S. foreign and commercial policy. The EUropean and Transatlantic Studies program will prepare you to be part of the next generation of experts and analysts to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for policy-making and implementation. Join other Hokies in successful careers with government agencies or the private sector. 








Total Credit Hours: 120

EUropean and Transatlantic Studies Requirements (42 hours)

Core Degree Requirements (21 hours)

General Education (up to 45 hours)

Electives (up to 27 hours)

What You'll Study

You will examine the historical, political, security, geostrategic, economic (trade, finance, and business), and societal (ethnic, cultural, and religious) aspects of European and transatlantic affairs. The study of Europe includes the following sub-regions: Western, Central & Eastern Europe; Russia and Eurasia; the Balkans and the Mediterranean region (North Africa & the Middle East), and the transatlantic space (relations between Europe, Africa, North America, and Central & Latin America).
Favorite courses include:

  • European History
  • Europe Region and Country Analysis
  • European Security Governance
  • NATO and European Security
  • Transatlantic Relations/United States -European Union Relations
  • United States - Russian Relations

The EUropean and Transatlantic Studies major focuses on international interactions and offers a comparative perspective on the contemporary global system with an emphasis on foreign language proficiency. Select from seven languages, including Arabic, French, German, Italian, Latin, Russian, and Spanish, to fulfill this requirement. 


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Curious how the degree requirements will fit into your experience at Virginia Tech? See the roadmaps below for a sample schedule of courses each year. Your academic advisor will help you create a personalized version based on your goals and other areas of interest. The individualized plan will also include your AP, IB, dual enrollment, or transfer credit.

What is a Degree in EUropean and Transatlantic Studies?

This is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the study of Europe and its relations with the United States and the rest of the American continent (transatlantic relations) from a historical, political, security, geostrategic, economic, societal, and linguistic perspective.

Why Study EUropean and Transatlantic Studies Here?

Study with our internationally renowned faculty who are experts in the field. We offer broad training in the liberal arts, emphasizing the study of foreign languages. Our graduates go on to successful careers in the government, private sector, and graduate school at top institutions around the world. 

Beyond the Classroom

Get Involved

Participate in the Department of State’s Diplomacy Lab Program and Wonk Tank competition. Many of our students also join our active student organizations including (Inter)National and Regional Model UN, International Model NATO, and Model EU.


Get Experience

Internships and cooperative education programs give you an opportunity to receive academic credit for working in a professional setting. Our students complete internships with the United States government, international organizations, and national, state, or local administrative agencies. Talk to an advisor who can help you find and secure a meaningful internship opportunity.


Travel and Learn 

Although studying abroad isn't required, it can often be a pivotal experience for you. Living in a different country is the best way to understand the differences and similarities between cultures. It allows you to develop a personal expertise in a specific national or regional context or language.

Our students often study abroad in Europe and study away through the Washington Semester in European Engagement.




At Virginia Tech, the Center for European Union, Transatlantic and Trans-European Space Studies – CEUTTSS is one of only a few major research centers in the nation specializing in the study of Europe and Transatlantic Relations. The center maintains close partnership with the Intelligence Community, the Department of State, the EU Delegation in Washington DC., the embassies of NATO, EU, OECD, and OSCE member states, and the Atlantic Council of the United States. 


Public Sector
The United States Federal Government, including the Department of State, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Commerce, and Intelligence Community (CIA, DIA) have identified the study of various world regions and the associated language and cultures as a high political priority. Europe, broadly defined, is one of those areas. The transatlantic relations between the United States and Europe have also become central to the United States foreign and commercial policy. There is a need for a new generation of experts and analysts to lead policy-making.

Private Sector
United States Banks and companies operating in Europe as well as European banks and companies operating in the United States are all in need of personnel that they are familiar with the political, security, legal, economic, and social-cultural situation in Europe.

Further Study at Virginia Tech
We offer opportunities to pursue a 5-year bachelor and master degree program at Virginia Tech, as well as a regular Master of Arts in Political Science (PSCI) and a Master in Public and International Affairs (MPIA).

What Our Students Are Saying

Careers and Further Study

What do I do with a major in EUropean and transatlantic studies?

  • Political and Security Analyst for the United States Federal Government and the Intelligence Community
  • Department of State: Civil and Foreign Service Officer
  • Think Tank Expert
  • Political and Business Consultant
  • International Civil Servant working for organizations, such as NATO, OSCE, and OECD
  • United States and European Banker, Researcher, or Analyst
  • Foreign Correspondent for a major network or publication
  • Middle or High School Teacher for European History
  • Professor