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Biological Systems Engineering

All students wishing to study this major should apply to General Engineering.

Biological Systems Engineering (BSE) is the engineering discipline that applies concepts from biology, chemistry and physics, along with engineering science and design principles, to solve problems associated with environmental protection, conservation of natural resources, environmentally sound production of renewable resources, and conversion of these resources to value-added products such as food, pharmaceuticals, polymers, and biofuels. The curriculum, which is administered by the College of Engineering, includes a minimum of 15 hours of biology and chemistry and differs from other engineering programs in its focus on natural resources and biological materials. Students are encouraged to pursue opportunities in undergraduate research and education abroad offered by the department. Examples of employers of graduates include biotechnology, pharmaceutical, energy, and food companies, as well as government agencies and environmental consulting firms. Graduates are also prepared for admission to professional schools in medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine and graduate schools in a variety of disciplines including biomedical engineering.