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University Studies (undecided)

University Studies is the exploratory major at Virginia Tech. Our office is exclusively for undecided students who want to explore a variety of majors and degree programs, including competitive programs (restricted majors).

As a University Studies student, you will:

  • Be assigned a professional academic advisor who works exclusively with undecided students towards any major
  • Be able to pursue a major from any college at Tech 
  • Explore several major options before committing to one particular degree program
  • Examine the requirements for restricted majors towards potential admission, if applicable
  • Discover your academic plan including a plan of all courses you need to take to graduate from Virginia Tech

Being Unsure of Your Major is Normal

It is perfectly acceptable to enter Virginia Tech without declaring a specific major. Though many students declare a major before entering a university, students also change their majors an average of three times before graduating! Choosing a major is an important decision. If you are uncertain, you should take the time to explore the possibilities rather than make a random decision that may prove unsatisfactory later.

Discovering the major or majors that are best for you is an exciting and illuminating process. You will learn more about yourself, about academic disciplines, career opportunities, graduate programs, and professional schools as well as Virginia Tech.

We Love Exploring Majors

University Studies is not the only exploratory major at Virginia Tech, but we help students to explore ALL majors at Virginia Tech. However, if you know a particular college or area you would like to study, Undecided Majors are available in nearly every college.

Students who decide on pursuing a restricted major, including all majors in the College of Engineering, majors in Pamplin College of Business (except Real Estate), Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Art, Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise majors, and/or Music majors, will need to apply to that major after completing the application requirements at Virginia Tech. Students interested in a restricted major at the time they apply to VT are encouraged to apply directly to that major.

Exploring Majors and General Education Courses

Virginia Tech's degree programs are structured around the General Education curriculum (Pathways for General Education). These are courses in mathematics, English composition, science, social science, and humanities. All university degree programs require students to complete these courses, and most students, regardless of major. You will be able to complete requirements for your degree while exploring and deciding upon a major.