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Studio Art

The SOVA Studio Art program offers classes in painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography. We aim to prepare artists for the digitally enhanced world by integrating emerging technologies into a contemporary fine arts experience. Our students have access to cutting edge technologies like laser cutters, CNC routers and 3D printers, and are taught in an environment that encourages them to explore these tools in conjunction with traditional mediums. Students and faculty conduct research and create work that spans disciplinary boundaries. Our flexible undergraduate curriculum provides opportunities for students to achieve interdisciplinary breadth through electives in Visual Communication Design, Creative Technologies, and other areas of personal interest.

Situated within a nationally recognized research institution, SOVA attracts students and faculty who value the study of art in a broad cultural and intellectual context. The B.F.A. degree in Studio Art equips emerging artists with critical thinking skills, visual and cultural literacy, and tools to communicate their ideas. We also promote the professional skills and habits necessary to build and sustain a self-directed studio practice. Our program is uniquely positioned to provide students with the skills and opportunities to explore the impact of art and technology on our lived experience.