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Environmental Conservation and Society

The Environmental Conservation and Society major is a good choice for those who like the environment and working with people. You'll get to help protect the environment while educating others and getting them excited about nature as well. This major addresses scientific environmental concerns while also focusing on the social and human elements of ecosystem management. In a sense, it is a blend of life sciences and social sciences. You'll graduate with a sense of stewardship and land-use ethics, prepared to take an active role in finding new and better ways to conserve, use, and sustain the world's vital natural resources and places. 

The major is very interdisciplinary, pulling class options from across several disciplines, including, but not limited to: Biology, Communications, Economics, Education, Environmental Science, Fish and Wildlife Conservation, Forestry, Geospatial Analysis, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Political Science, and Sociology. The major is built primarily through restricted electives in these areas, giving students a lot of flexibility to tailor it to their goals and interests.

Major Options

  • Recreation and Tourism Management
  • Environmental Education and Outreach
  • Leadership and Sustainability

Recreation and Tourism Management

Learn how to manage and sustain vibrant and cherished outdoor spaces, that people can enjoy and learn from, but also be maintain for society to enjoy for generations to come.

Environmental Education and Outreach

Help get the general public and the next generation excited about nature, the environment, sustainability, and instill a passion and commitment for conservation and sustainability through education and outreach.

Leadership and Sustainability

Help to lead change from the top through advocacy, policy writing, lobbying, and strategy development for federal, state, and local government agencies, as well as private and non-profit consulting firms.

Career options

  • Environmental educator/conservation education specialist
  • Nature camp manager
  • Nature guide/tourism operator
  • Park ranger
  • Public affairs specialist
  • Policy advisor
  • Non-profit consultant