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Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) at Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech began using the SRAR in 2018 as a way to make the application process more accessible for all applicants, regardless of resources available at their schools or costs associated with ordering transcripts. By giving applicants the ability to self-report their transcripts, we can ensure that if a student wants to apply to Virginia Tech, they can do that - on their own terms and at their own pace. It also helps expedite our application review process as we receive applications from over 2,000 high schools each year. The SRAR provides a simple and uniform transcript format for our staff to review.

What is a Self-Reported Academic Record?

A Self-Reported Academic Record puts the applicant in the driver's seat during the application process. Applicants will self-report their coursework, grades, and test scores (if applicable) and it replaces transcripts in the application review process.

The SRAR will be completed by the applicant by the appropriate deadline based on their decision plan type. Please note that official transcripts will be required prior to the term of enrollment if an offer of admission is accepted.

Who needs to fill out a Self-Reported Academic Record?

Applicants who meet the following criteria are required to submit an SRAR:

  • First-year applicants who have only attended high school or have been home-educated within the U.S. will need to submit an SRAR for application review.
  • Transfer applicants who have only pursued college / university coursework within the U.S. will need to submit an SRAR for application review.

How do I access the Self-Reported Academic Record?

Your SRAR will be accessed through the Applicant Portal. After applying for admission, you will receive an email invitation to create login credentials for the Applicant Portal within 72 hours. Once you log into the Applicant Portal, there will be a link to directly access the SRAR. This is the only way we recommend accessing the SRAR, as it will automatically link to your application. Accessing the SRAR from outside links can delay or prohibit our ability to link your SRAR to your application.

How do I start my Self-Reported Academic Record?

  • Log into your Applicant Portal
  • Access your SRAR through the link in your portal
  • Select your Student Type as Freshman/First Year or Transfer
    • Transfer-specific SRAR tips can be found here
  • Enter your school information and the dates attended
    • Please note: School names come from College Board. If you do not find your school immediately, please use different variations of your official school name to see if your school name is then suggested
  • Select your school's grading scale and how your final grades will be provided
    • It is very important that you select the correct grading scale as this will help the courses and grades section populate appropriately
  • If needed, repeat this process to add additional schools before you begin entering courses and grades
    • Note: This includes adding institutions where you may have completed Dual Enrollment coursework

How do I enter my courses and grades on the Self-Reported Academic Record?

  • Make sure you have a copy of your transcript(s) accessible as you will enter all of your courses and grades exactly as they appear on your transcript(s)
    • Do not change any formatting of your grades or add any weight
    • Do not round your grades
    • Do not provide grade averages
    • Do not add + or - to letter grades unless they are on your transcript that way
  • Enter GPA / Class Rank information as it is reported on your transcript; if your school does not report GPA or class rank, you will select that option
  • All courses need to be reported - including electives, courses that were repeated, failed, or withdrawn from; your current coursework should also be included and listed as in progress
  • For first-year applicants, if you received high school credit for a course in middle school, it should be entered on your SRAR
  • All completed courses need to include a grade; if the course is currently in progress, you will select In Progress from the Grade dropdown menu
  • Enter the following information for each course on your SRAR:
    • Subject Area (Selected from a drop-down list - examples: Math, World Language, History, etc.)
    • Generic Course Title (Selected from a drop-down list - examples: Pre-Calculus, Spanish 1, World History, etc.)
    • Course Name (This will be a free text field and should be filled out with exactly what is on your transcript)
    • Course Level (Selected from a drop-down list - examples: AP, IB, Regents, Dual Enrollment, AICE, etc.)
      • For any Dual Enrollment courses that are also listed as AP or IB by your school, please enter them as Dual Enrollment and list the course title as it appears on your transcript
    • Course Length (Selected from a drop-down list - examples: Full Year, Semester, Trimester, Online Course, etc.)
    • Grade (Selected from a drop-down list which is populated by the grading scale selected when entering the school)
  • Save your SRAR and return to it as needed before submission, but be sure to look over the Review/Submit tab to ensure your entry is complete and hit submit by the deadline for your academic materials based on decision plan type.

How do I enter test scores on the Self-Reported Academic Record?

  • Make sure you have copies of your score reports before you enter any test scores on the SRAR as your scores should match exactly
  • Students can submit SAT, ACT, CLEP, IB, AP, Duolingo, TOEFL, and IELTS scores through the SRAR
  • If you selected on your application for your ACT or SAT test scores to be reviewed, be sure to select “Yes – make my test scores available” on the Enter Exams tab on the SRAR to share your ACT or SAT scores with Virginia Tech
    • When you select yes, you will be required to select the test type for the scores you would like to provide
    • You will be required to provide ACT or SAT scores before submitting the SRAR
    • The scores you are required to report are the SAT Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing sections and / or ACT Composite, Math, English, Reading, and Science sections. 
      • Note: We do not use the Reading or Science scores on the ACT although they are required for SRAR submission
    • The SAT Writing and Writing & Language sections, and ACT Writing will not be considered in the review of your application
  • If you do not want your ACT or SAT scores reviewed, but still want to share other scores, you will select “No – do not make my test scores available” to the test-optional designation question and you will still have the opportunity to share CLEP, IB, AP, Duolingo, TOEFL, or IELTS scores
  • If offered and you choose to attend Virginia Tech, you will be required to provide official score report(s)

When will Virginia Tech receive my Self-Reported Academic Record?

We typically receive SRARs within 48 hours of submission. You can keep track of your application materials and their status through your Applicant Portal.

Do I still need to fill out the coursework section on Common App?

Common App requires the completion of the coursework section but Virginia Tech does not receive or use that information. The SRAR will need to be completed and received for your application to be considered complete.

What if I need help while completing the Self-Reported Academic Record?

For any technical issues that you are experiencing, we recommend that you reach out to SRAR directly through the Help tab on your SRAR. You will also be able to look through some frequently asked questions on the Help tab before submitting your help ticket. For any issues accessing the SRAR or your Applicant Portal after you have created your login credentials, please contact Undergraduate Admissions at or 540-231-6267.