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Transfer Application Checklist

Transfer application submission deadline and notification timeline information can be found on our Dates and Deadlines pageThe checklists below provide step-by-step instructions for completing the transfer application process, which includes submission of the transfer application through the Common Application (Common App) as well as, for most applicants, completion of a separate Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR). The SRAR will be completed after Common App submission and prior to the stated SRAR deadline, which is one week after the respective application submission deadline. Applicants will need to access academic documents, such as unofficial transcripts or student history reports (online or physical), to complete the SRAR and should plan accordingly, especially if the applicant will need to request these documents for themselves to accurately outline their course and grade history.

The Admissions Transfer Team hosts numerous virtual application workshops throughout the year as deadlines approach. Here applicants can ask questions and receive assistance with the Common App or SRAR in a drop-in drop-out format. Additional details and registration for these workshops can be found here. For further assistance with the application process, please contact our office at or (540) 231-6267.

  1. Visit the Common App landing page. Select "Apply for transfer" on the right-hand side of the page.
  2. Create a new Common App account or log in to an existing account.
  3. From the "Add Programs" screen, search for "Virginia Tech". There are six program options available. Please select the correct application based on your intended entry term and citizenship status. Remember: major availability will vary by term as noted on the available majors pageProspective transfer students who apply for Spring entry but are not admitted or do not enroll may reapply for Summer OR Fall consideration in the same admissions cycle; however, students may apply for either the Summer OR Fall entry term, but not both, in the same cycle. Applications for these terms are reviewed together with the same admissions criteria and have the same review and notification timelines. In cases where a student submits both a Summer and Fall application, only the Fall application will be processed and reviewed. Spring applicants are advised to wait for the outcome of that process before applying to either Summer or Fall. Applicants who are current U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents will submit the Domestic application for their intended term; all other applicants should complete the International application for their planned entry term. Once you have added your program, you may hit "continue" below and then "Continue To My Application" from the following screen.
  4. From the "My Application" screen you will begin completing the four main components of the application:
    • Personal Information
    • Academic History
    • Supporting Information
    • Program Materials (Virginia Tech Program Questions)
  5. Personal Information - Please complete each subsection in full. Note: Once you have entered information for all subsections you will automatically advance into the Academic History section.
  6. Academic History - Please complete each subsection as noted below. Note: Once you have entered information for all subsections you will automatically advance into the Supporting Information section:
    • High Schools Attended - Only basic high school information is required here for Virginia Tech. High school information is not used in the transfer review process.
    • Colleges Attended - Report all prior institutions attended as instructed.
    • College Coursework - College coursework information is not required nor should be reported here for Virginia Tech, though it may be requested or required here by other schools/programs to which you are applying through the Common App. Most applicants will be required to complete a separate Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) where they will outline their entire academic history from every college or university they’ve attended previously (see further details on this page under "Steps for completing the SRAR").
    • GPA Entries - Add a GPA for each institution attended.
    • Standardized Tests
      • SAT/ACT - These tests are not required or reviewed for any transfer applicant. IELTS/TOEFL scores should be added for international applicants not studying at an English language institution. 
      • AP (Advanced Placement) - Applicants are advised to report their full AP exam score history here, if applicable, though this information will also be requested and required in the SRAR.
      • IB (International Baccalaureate) - Applicants are advised to report their full IB exam score history here, if applicable, though this information will also be requested and required in the SRAR.
      • CLEP (College Level Examination Program) - Applicants are advised to report their full CLEP exam score history here, if applicable, though this information will also be requested and required in the SRAR.
      • If you do not have any test scores to report, select "I Am Not Adding Any Standardized Tests".
    • Continuing Education Courses - Nothing is required for this section. Applicants may add any CEU information or select "I Am Not Adding Any Continuing Education Courses".
    • SAT Subject - These are not required or reviewed in the transfer process. Applicants should continue to the next section.
    • Senior Secondary Leaving Examinations - This section is not reviewed for any applicant.
    • Community-Based Organizations - Here you may identify and list details for any community-based organizations which have provided you with free assistance in your transfer process. If you do not have any organizations to list, select "0" in the dropdown box and then select "Save and Continue".
  7. Supporting Information - Complete all subsections as noted below. Note: Once you have entered information for all subsections you will automatically advance into the Program Materials "Virginia Tech questions" section.
    • Experiences and Achievements - Applicants are strongly encouraged to complete these subsections noting any information which may be relevant to providing their application with a comprehensive holistic review. Activities and experiences from high school, college, or outside of academic life may be relevant. Note: No additional CV/resume will be reviewed.
    • Documents - Additional CV/Resumes uploaded here will not be reviewed by Virginia Tech. DD214, Green card, or Joint services transcripts may be uploaded here if applicable, but additional documentation may be requested elsewhere.
    • Affirmation Statements - Applicants are required to complete this section.
  8. Program Materials - If not already selected, select your Virginia Tech application program. You will then see three tabs: Home, Questions, and Documents. The Home tab contains helpful information and external links. Application questions specific to Virginia Tech are found under the Questions tab and are required to submit your application. More information on the Documents tab is noted below.
  9. Program Materials - Questions (Virginia Tech Program Questions)
    • Complete all of the Virginia Tech questions which are required, including the required personal statements known as the Ut Prosim Profile.
    • Special note for applicants who have studied at the college level OUTSIDE of the United States (only): You will indicate this in the appropriate question under the "General" section heading. Any transfer applicant who has studied outside the United States at the college or university level (regardless of Domestic/International status) should upload ALL college/university transcripts to the Documents tab of the Program Materials section prior to submitting the application. Transcripts may also be emailed as attachments to If additional academic information is required, you will be contacted via email with further instructions.
    • All other transfer applicants must submit the separate SRAR to complete the application process and acknowledge this expectation in questions under the "General" section heading. Applicants who must complete the SRAR will need to select “I Am Not Adding Any Documents” under the Documents tab to move forward with application submission.
  10. Submit the Application - Once you have answered all of the required components from each section of the Common Application, including the Virginia Tech Program questions, you will submit the application from the "Submit Application" ribbon near the top of your screen. Note: Certain information may not be edited following submission of the application. You will need to email to request a change or correction to Virginia Tech specific questions or statements.

Who should complete the SRAR?

Most transfer applicants must submit a Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) to complete the application process. This is separate from the Common Application (Common App). Applicants (domestic or international) who have studied outside of the United States at the college or university level (location of high school/secondary school does not matter) are the only exception to this requirement. These students must upload all college or university transcripts directly to the Common App (see instructions on this page under Completing the Common App) or, if this was not completed prior to submission, transcripts should be emailed to All other applicants must submit the SRAR to document all completed, in-progress, and planned college work and outcomes. Uploaded, emailed, or mailed transcripts will not be accepted or reviewed for applicants required to submit the SRAR.

As specific academic information is required, early completion of the SRAR may result in the need to return, update, and resubmit once new information required for review becomes available. Early completion will not result in earlier decision notification. Failure to include all required information by the SRAR deadline may result in application cancellation.

Spring 2024 applicants: The deadline for SRAR submissions is October 8 (application deadline is October 1). Final academic grades through Summer 2023, or available by October 8, as well as coursework through Fall 2023, if applicable must be reported.

Summer and Fall 2024 applicants: The deadline for SRAR submissions is March 11 (application deadline is March 1). Final academic grades through Fall 2023, or available by March 11, as well as coursework through Spring and Summer 2024, if applicable must be reported.

  1. Once your Common Application has been submitted you will receive an email invitation to create your Applicant Portal.
    • Invitations will begin to be delivered in late September and by October 1 to all applicants who've submitted by this point (regardless of submission date)*. Those applying after this timeframe can expect to receive the Applicant Portal invitation within 1-2 business days following Common App submission.
      • *Note: this timeline is especially relevant to Spring applicants, who may have a limited window to create the Applicant Portal and submit the SRAR prior to the October 8 SRAR deadline for that entry term.
    • You will use the Applicant Portal to monitor your application status and eventually view your admissions decision. You should create/submit your SRAR through the Application Portal interface. This will ensure the SRAR is properly matched with your submitted Common Application.
  2. Once you have completed the account set-up process and made it to the SRAR Home tab, select 'Transfer Student' in the Student Type box, if this is not already selected. This will allow the interface specific to transfer applicants to populate.
  3. Automatic linking - If you have created your SRAR account or accessed a previously created account through your Applicant Portal, your application should be linked automatically. As such, you can select 'Begin' at the bottom of the Home tab to move forward.
  4. Enter every college or university you have attended on the Enter Colleges/Universities tab, noting your dates of attendance for each. For your current institution it is advised that you list the 'To' date as the final month of your last planned enrollment at that school, rather than 'Today'. This will be especially important if you intend to enter planned coursework for a future semester (i.e. Summer). Note: you will NOT enter your high school information here, as your high school record is not used in the transfer admissions review process. After you have entered each college/university attended, select 'Enter Coursework' near the bottom of the screen to proceed.
  5. You will need to enter your final or current cumulative GPA (unweighted) at each institution in the GPA/Class Rank box. You can obtain this from your transcript or online student record. If you are entering coursework for a school at which you do not yet have an established GPA, you may select "This school does not calculate or report GPA". For Class Rank/Size, you may select "This school does not provide rank information or I do not know it." to proceed.
  6. Begin entering ALL completed and planned coursework for each institution attended. You should reference your actual transcript from each institution and enter courses and grades exactly as they appear on your record for each school. This includes instances of repeated coursework or withdrawn coursework as these courses typically appear on your official transcripts regardless of their impact on your GPA.
    1. In-progress coursework or coursework which will be completed prior to transferring (i.e. in the spring or summer) should be listed with a grade of "In Progress".
    2. Dual enrollment (DE) work from high school should be listed under the college/university providing credit and using their course naming, numbering, and grading conventions.
    3. Transfer credit for students who have studied at multiple institutions should be listed under the original college/university where it was attempted. No completed or attempted college coursework or final grades should be omitted, regardless of your assessment on potential transferability or relevance to your intended Virginia Tech degree of courses/credits. If admitted, failure to outline your academic record at the college/university level completely and accurately could be grounds for later dismissal.
    4. If transfer credit was granted from an outside source (such as an AP or CLEP exam) it should be listed appropriately in the Enter Exams tab of the SRAR (see next step). Once you have entered your coursework for each institution, you can select 'Enter Exams' near the bottom of the screen to proceed.
  7. SAT/ACT scores are NOT required or reviewed as part of the Virginia Tech transfer admissions process. Sources of potential college credit, such as Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), however, are reviewed and should be reported in full in this section. Full disclosure is advised as these scores can only help, never hurt, an applicant's chances for admission. Applicants should only list exams that have already been taken and for which scores have been received. Once you have finished entering exams, select 'Review' near the bottom of the screen to proceed.
  8. From the Review/Submit tab, you can review the data you have entered. Once you have confirmed that everything is complete and correct, you will submit the SRAR by completing the Electronic Signature box at the bottom of the page and pressing the 'Submit' button. Your submitted SRAR will transmit to Virginia Tech within a few business days and be matched with your Common Application. The SRAR must be submitted by the deadline noted above for your application to be considered complete and advanced through the review process.
  9. Should you need to correct or update your SRAR, you may return and access your SRAR from your Applicant Portal. Sign in then select 'Continue' from the bottom of the SRAR Home tab and then 'Update SRAR' from the Record Complete box to unlock the SRAR. Any additions or corrections will only be transmitted to Virginia Tech once the SRAR is again formally submitted from the Review/Submit tab.

Common App Walkthrough for Transfers

This video is designed to help prospective transfer students to Virginia Tech navigate their 2021 application for admission through the Common Application (Common App).

SRAR Walkthrough for Transfers

This video is designed to help prospective transfer students to Virginia Tech navigate the Self-Reported Academic Record, which is required for most applicants in addition to submitting the application for admission.