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Applying for In-State Tuition Privileges

Eligibility for in-state tuition privileges is governed by § 23.1-500 of the Code of Virginia. The provisions of this law are set forth, defined, and discussed in the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) Domicile Guidelines. The Code of Virginia and SCHEV guidelines can be found here:

Details on the domicile process and required documents for newly applying undergraduate students can be found on our in-state tuition eligibility webpage here.

How to apply

All new applicants to Virginia Tech who wish to qualify for in-state rates, should apply for in-state tuition at the time they apply for admission using Common App. The question, "Are you or your parent(s) Virginia Residents or otherwise eligible for In-State tuition?" will be asked. By answering this question in the affirmative, the in-state application questions will populate as a part of the application for admission. By applying for in-state tuition at the time of completing the application for admission, the in-state review process has a greater chance of completion by the time admissions decisions are released, which will enable greater accuracy in financial aid and scholarship awards. New applicants who did not complete the in-state application as a part of their admissions application can apply using the PDF version of the Application for Virginia In-State Rates. In order to submit a completed application, students should email so that a secure link can be generated and returned to the student to use to upload the Application for In-State Rates directly to the student's account.

Questions for new undergraduate freshman and transfer applicants should be addressed to

The Office of the University Registrar manages Applications for Reclassification for students who enroll as out-of-state students, but whose domicile has changed and who believe that they are now eligible for in-state rates.

Students may seek reclassification of their initial tuition classification, but residence or physical presence in Virginia primarily to attend the University does not entitle students to in-state tuition rates. Domicile should be established BEFORE one enters the University. Please note that if a student enters the University classified as an out-of-state student, clear and convincing evidence must be presented to rebut the presumption that the student is residing in the state primarily to attend school. Students seeking reclassification to in-state status must be prepared to pay the out-of-state tuition rate unless they are notified in writing that their status has been reclassified to in-state according to the Code of Virginia.

The Office of the University Registrar Residency information can be found at the University Registrar webpage for in-state students.

Questions regarding reclassification for all current and returning Undergraduate Students should be addressed to

Graduate and prospective graduate school students will need to apply through the Graduate School website at

Questions regarding domicile should be directed to

Prospect students to the College of Veterinary Medicine should contact the Vet School at should contact the Vet School at

Information current as of September 2022