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Non-Degree Application Checklist

  1. Non-degree students have a separate portal, do not use the CommonApp portal that degree-seeking students use. To apply, please complete the non-degree application. You must submit the $60 application fee and all required transcripts before the application will be reviewed.
  2. Know your deadline. 
    • Summer: May 1
    • Fall: August 1
    • Spring: December 1
  3. If you are claiming entitlement to Virginia in-state tuition rates, even if you are currently a Virginia resident, you must complete the non-degree in-state tuition application which is part of the non-degree application. Failure to complete this form will result in your classification as an out-of-state student. For more information on qualifying for in-state status, please see the in-state eligibility page.
  4. Submit transcripts. All college transcripts will be uploaded to the non-degree application. If you have not completed any college coursework, please upload your high school transcript(s).

Only completed applications will be reviewed. It is critical to meet the deadlines for your application. The university reserves the right to withdraw, without notice, any application that is not complete by the deadline.