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Transfer Applicant Waitlist FAQs | Summer/Fall 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does being on the transfer waitlist mean?
    The transfer admissions process can be competitive for each major and overall, which means we sometimes do not have space to offer all applicants with potentials for success at Virginia Tech, including those who otherwise meet or are close to meeting minimum requirements for their intended transfer major. Applicants will be offered from the waitlist if space becomes available for their intended program and will be notified of a final decision status no later than July 1, 2023. In most years, however, the waitlist process is resolved much sooner.

  2. Can I do anything to increase my chances of being offered admission from the waitlist?
    Selecting “Yes” to the Remain On The Waitlist inquiry in the ‘Decision’ section of your online Applicant Portal as early as possible, but no later than June 1, will keep your application in consideration for an offer from the waitlist; answering “No” will formally withdraw your application. Only applicants who’ve completed this step and answered “Yes” will be considered for an offer. Unfortunately, there is nothing else you can do at this time. The Admissions Committee will review the academic information submitted with the original application to make additional offers where possible. No additional letters of recommendation, statements of interest or intent to enroll, or academic record updates will be reviewed unless requested by our staff. If additional information is needed, it will be requested individually via email. Waitlisted applicants are strongly encouraged to successfully complete their academic plan for spring and summer as reported. An offer from the waitlist would be contingent upon successful completion of the academic plan reported at the time of initial application review.

  3. What are my chances for selection from the waitlist?
    You are understandably eager to have a final decision on your application. By electing to remain on the waitlist and continuing with your reported academic plan, as outlined above, you are putting yourself in the best position for a potential offer. The response of applicants who received an initial offer of admission and the remaining space in individual programs and overall will be the greatest determining factors on if, where, and when additional offers can be made. Given the uncertainty of these variables, it is impossible to know at this time how many applicants could be offered from the waitlist.

  4. What is Virginia Tech’s history of selecting students from the transfer waitlist?
    Each transfer admissions cycle can be very different. As such, the waitlist process and outcomes can also vary significantly. In 2020, around 120 additional offers were made. In 2021, no additional offers were made. In 2022, 47 additional offers were made.

  5. Can I change my intended program/major or entry term given the waitlist decision?
    No. Offers have been extended for all majors/programs based on individual and overall capacities. Given this, it is not possible to change your intended major for additional review or consideration at this time. You will be considered for an offer from the waitlist for the major to which you applied. Indicating your intended entry term as Summer or Fall in the application process did not affect the decision outcome as all applications to both terms are reviewed at the same time, with the same criteria, and with the same program capacity in mind. As such, changing your intended term of entry now would not impact your waitlist decision or chances for an offer.

  6. What are my options if I am not selected from the waitlist and still wish to attend Virginia Tech?
    If you do not receive an offer of admission from the waitlist, please consider reapplying for a subsequent transfer term, of which the next available would be Spring 2024 (major availability may vary by intended term). Most waitlisted applicants can present more competitive applications with continued and targeted study, or strong final outcomes in their currently in-progress or planned coursework which would be available for consideration at the initial application review point for a future cycle. Applicants from Virginia Community College System (VCCS) institutions are especially encouraged to continue in and potentially complete the transfer-oriented associate degree program which best aligns with their intended major. The resources accessible via our Transfer Admissions Homepage, such as our Transfer Roadmaps and Transfer Guide, can also help with developing a continued transfer plan which will increase your chances for success moving forward. Members of our transfer team are happy to assist and support you here as well; you can even schedule an individual appointment with our team via the Hokie Corner program!