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Phases and Timelines

While the Innovation Campus has generated considerable momentum since its announcement in November 2018, the campus is still in its early development.  As such, the campus is being designed and built in two phases over the next ten years.  As part of the planning process, we will update the progress and timelines annually.

Phase 1 – 2020-2025

  • Design, construction, and completion of Academic Building One in 2024
  • Transfer of Virginia Tech faculty from Blacksburg and northern Virginia to the Innovation Campus
  • Hiring of faculty in the technical disciplines (Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and related technical disciplines)
  • Growth of the master’s degree students to a headcount of 400
  • Growth of the PhD degree students to 30
  • Identification of at least one company at the “foundational” level
  • Identification of at least three companies at the “anchor” level
  • Five named professorships and/or directorships

Phase 2 – 2026-2030

  • Growth in master’s enrollment to approximately 750 students and graduation of between 550-650 Master of Engineering (M.Eng) degree students each year
  • Expansion of faculty hiring outside of the core disciplines to a total of 50 faculty
  • Accommodation of additional, related academic programs in Innovation Campus Academic Building One, as fit-out and occupation of initially shelled space allows
  • Achievement of targets for all student groups