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Hokie Ambassadors 2019-2020 Executive Board standing in front of Burruss Hall
2019-2020 Executive Board

Leading Virginia Tech forward by walking backward! Hokie Ambassadors is an organization of passionate and dedicated students who love their school and volunteer their time to provide campus tours for prospective new students and their families. We are housed in Undergraduate Admissions and work alongside their efforts to facilitate recruiting new students and enhancing the visitor experience. For more information, please see the frequently asked questions below.

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Interested in becoming a Hokie Ambassador?? Our recruitment process occurs in the spring semester, each year.  More details about joining Hokie Ambassadors can be found below.  

Hokie Ambassadors, Leading Virginia Tech forward by walking backward

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There are currently no events scheduled. Please check back later.

Become a Hokie Ambassador

To apply for membership, please plan to attend one of our New Member Interest Meetings. Interest meetings will be held in February each year. Attendance at one of the February interest meetings is required to apply for membership. After the interest meetings, we will make the membership application available online. You will have until mid-March to apply. Group interviews will be held in March, and individual interviews will be held in early April. The new class will be selected by mid-April. New Hokie Ambassadors will not give tours until the following fall semester, after completing a training program and passing an evaluation tour. If you have any questions about the new member application process, please email us at

Hokie Ambassadors

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Are Hokie Ambassadors paid to give tours?

A. Hokie Ambassadors are not paid to give tours during the regular academic year. Hokie Ambassadors who are around for Winter Break or during the summer months and want to continue to give tours during this time frame can hold paid positions by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Q. What kind of time commitment is required to be in Hokie Ambassadors?

A. A new member of Hokie Ambassadors would typically be required to make a minimum time commitment of about 15-18 hours during their first semester in the organization. New members must participate in training sessions, follow at least three tours, complete an evaluation tour, and give at least one regular tour during their first semester. After your first semester in Hokie Ambassadors, a member would typically be required to make a minimum time commitment of about 16-20 hours per semester. Members are required to attend general monthly meetings, participate in open house, and give 6-8 tours per semester. Most members typically devote more than the minimum time commitment.

Q. Why would someone want to volunteer to be a tour guide?

A. Most of our tour guides live and breathe Virginia Tech. They love to be here and they love to share their enthusiasm and love of Virginia Tech with others. Hokie Ambassadors learn more than they ever imagined possible about Virginia Tech. The communications skills you build while being a Hokie Ambassador are extremely useful and look great to prospective employers.

Q. Who can I contact if I have more questions about Hokie Ambassadors?

A. You can send an e-mail to Hokie Ambassadors at