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Design+Technology+Creative Expression

College of Architecture, Arts, and Design

The Design + Technology + Creative Expression minor allows students to pursue an interdisciplinary technology-mediated design topic that transcends their own major and integrates liberal arts and design. Through the introductory course, students will be introduced to a collection of technology-mediated and inter- and transdisciplinary approaches to creative work that integrate the liberal arts and design. In the mid-level courses, students will build on that knowledge by exploring three key areas (understand, explore, and materialize) and creative and collaborative uses of technology. In the capstone course, they will then create a product and/or experience that combines their new skills in creative technologies with what they have learned in their majors.

Why do it?

The Design + Technology + Creative Expression minor allows students to explore and integrate the liberal arts and design into their own discipline through new and innovative uses of technology. Students will have the opportunity to integrate the use of meaningful technology with their major, explore social/cultural/environmental challenges, and generate creative expressions of awareness and activism.

Who is it for?

This minor is appropriate for any student who has an interest in exploring the intersection of design, technology, and creativity. The minor is open and accessible to students from all majors.