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Spanning the breadth of quantum information sciences and technology, our faculty, students, and partners work together at the intersection of quantum disciplines. Not only are they furthering fundamental understanding, they’re creating the tools necessary to advance applications in:

  • computational algorithms
  • chemical simulations
  • processing hardware
  • memory/storage
  • optimization
  • secure data transmission
  • deep space communications
  • neural networks
  • positioning, navigation & timing (PNT)
  • cryptography
  • cryptanalysis
  • precision measurements
  • field detection

Our strength in quantum information science and technology (QIST) is led by world-recognized quantum researchers. Expert faculty are leading the way through federal grant aquisitions. Virginia Tech is poised to build a program for impact.


Through key relationships with industry, government and academic partners, Virginia Tech is connecting the best and brightest minds to advance quantum technology. Learn more about our partners today.

A national model for innovative curriculum and workshops in the emerging field of quantum technologies. Virginia Tech is investing in the future quantum workforce.


You're trying to change the world.  So are we.  Let's do it together. 


Our team offers a full continuum of services to the Virginia Tech community and industry to help partnerships grow and flourish and ensure the discoveries made at the university deliver economic and human impact. We enable platforms and projects large and small. From delivering on the goals of Virginia Tech’s new Innovation Campus, to be located in Alexandria Virginia, to nurturing Virginia Tech start-ups, we offer a full suite of services under one team.  Our three complementary centers help companies increase talent and research capabilities, commercialize ideas and discoveries, and create cycles of growth and opportunity to serve the VT community, commonwealth and beyond.