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Why support technology commercialization and start-ups?

Scientific insights and academic breakthroughs advance the state of the field and contribute to the scientific community when published or presented at a scientific meeting. However, without a company willing to invest in bringing the invention to the marketplace, many benefits of these advances can be left unrealized. 

As envisioned by the landmark Bayh-Dole Act, we actively pursue commercialization opportunities while returning income to Virginia Tech inventors and to the university to support its mission. 

To support transition, we identify prospective licensees from large and medium enterprises as well as startup companies. When IP is successfully licensed, compensation collected by VTIP provides funding to the inventors’ departments and schools as well as to the inventors themselves.

Although patentable inventions constitute the majority of our licensing activities, we also handle copyright (software) and tangible research property. Virginia Tech’s IP policy encourages collaboration and disclosure of IP by providing a generous share of licensing revenue to inventors.  Once new ideas are disclosed, the LICENSE and LAUNCH centers are enabled to provide valuable business and technical guidance to inventors seeking to make the most from their ideas.

In keeping with our land grant mission of service (Ut Prosim), LICENSE & LAUNCH teams help ensure the discoveries of today deliver economic benefit to the region, Commonwealth, and nation

Inventors - Let LICENSE and LAUNCH help you break through.

Ownership of IP (novel results of research such as products, processes, machines, software, biological technology, etc.) created by Virginia Tech faculty and employees (including students acting in their capacity as employees) vests with the University unless there is convincing and explicit evidence that IP was developed without the use of University resources and/or facilities.  The term “University resources” is broad and includes University time of an originator and/or personnel under his/her control. Leverage our expertise and VT's IP Policy to expedite the market impact of Virginia Tech inventions.

Industry - Look to Virginia Tech for your next breakthrough.

Virginia Tech’s LICENSE and LAUNCH Centers stand ready to provide licensing solutions tailored to your business needs.  We understand that there is rarely a one-size-fits-all agreement.  However, we can provide a variety of license grants, compensation options and streamlined negotiation pathways to enable University inventions to make a more immediate impact on our world, and for your business. Virginia Tech also understands the merits of de-risking technology by forming start-ups that can act as R&D partners for larger companies.  Let us introduce you to our colleagues and their great ideas.