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EUropean Studies

College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences

The minor in EUropean Studies seeks to provide students with knowledge, skills and competencies pertaining to European affairs to enable them to pursue successful careers both in the public and private sectors. It focuses on the study of the historical, political, security, geostrategic, economic (trade, finance, and business), and societal (ethnic, cultural, and religious) aspects of European affairs. The study of Europe includes the following sub-regions: Western, Central & Eastern Europe; Russia and Eurasia; the Balkans and the Mediterranean region (North Africa & the Middle East). This minor also focuses on the study of the relations between the European Union and the various world regions, s well as its relations with major great powers (e.s., the United States, Russia, and China) and international organizations (e.s., the United Nations, the World Trade Organization (WTO), and the IMF/World Bank).

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