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Brian Sullivan '93

Alumni Leader Spotlight

Brian Sullivan ‘93

Anchor and Senior National Correspondent, CNBC

I'm a 25+ year broadcaster and business journalist, who has been with CNBC for nearly 10 years. Though the career wasn't expected, it's been a blessing and incredible experience with years to come. The role has carried me to 5 continents and more than 30 countries, and personally I've traveled to more than 40 nations. I've raced cars for more than 25 years, and still love getting together with my Hokie friends for our annual ski trip. I serve on the Financial Advisory Board and Alumni Board at VT and enjoy giving back. I have an awesome wife, 2 kids and a pooch. Hopefully one - or both - of the kids will become Hokies too!



Before I go on air, I always...
make sure I know the key two or three issues that align both the guests and the audience. You cannot speak to just one or the other. Both have to be part of the conversation, even through the television or radio.

I race cars because...
is this question just for me or do all Hokies race? Kidding. I love racing because, like golf, it's the search for perfection every lap. It's easy to be fast, but really hard to be really fast. Plus, speed rocks. On the track of course.

Best part of being a Virginia Tech alum...
the Hokie family is strong! When you see that maroon and orange coming toward you .. you know you're about to meet family you've never met!

The most fascinating feature I've produced...
my documentary "America's Gun: The Rise of the AR-15." It is one of the most watched documentaries in CNBC history and, I think, covered an incredibly controversial and passionate topic from all views without bias or hyperbole.

Last time I ventured out of my comfort zone...
covering the 2019 protests in Hong Kong. Covering 10,000+ people doing anything can be intimidating. Also had a great time flying out to an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. We had to undergo 10 hours of underwater evacuation training, simulating leaving a helicopter crash 15 feet underwater. No scuba. Had to hold breath for a long time and climb out windows.

Favorite city I've visited...
Vienna, Austria or Hong Kong.

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