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Guoliang (Greg) Liu

Industry Leader Spotlight

Guoliang (Greg) Liu

Polymers, Nanomaterials, Energy, Environmental Science, Composites

My research focuses on novel ways to integrate materials in order to solve energy and environmental problems. I hold more than a dozen patents, three of them assigned to Western Digital®, one licensed to Intel®, one licensed to Waves Audio, Ltd , two assigned to Sabic Global Technologies B. V., and one assigned to Ford Motor Company. With an entrepreneurship spirit, I am interested in commercializing the technologies developed in my laboratory.

I earned my bachelors in chemical engineering from Zhejiang University, China in 2005. In 2011, I received my doctorate in chemical engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Before defending my thesis, I worked at HGST, a Western Digital® company in California to apply my findings on 15-nm block copolymer lithography in magnetic data storage. After completing my doctorate, I conducted a postdoctoral research at Northwestern University, where I was named Outstanding Researcher in the International Institute for Nanotechnology. I joined the departments of chemistry and chemical engineering at Virginia Tech in 2014. Currently, I am an affiliated professor of the Nanoscience program in the Academy of Integrated Science, the Macromolecules Innovation Institute, and the Virginia Tech Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology.


Something that excites me in my field...
Solving plastic pollution problems and converting the useless to useful.

I first discovered a passion for this work…
During my undergraduate studies, I realized that I could come up with new ideas to change the way my senior mentors did their science.

My work impacts society…
By providing more accessible energy, more efficient energy usage, and a more friendly environment..


I see the future in my field...
Sustainable energy and sustainable materials.

Words of encouragement to an aspiring inventor…
Why not give it a try!

What did you invent that you are most proud of?
My next invention! But, if I must name a patented invention, it would be the ultrathin film membrane speaker, co-invented with my friends Gabriel Zeltzer et al.


Media Contact:

Lindsey Haugh

(540) 231-6959