Vice President and Dean for Graduate Education

Karen DePauw

    Karen DePauw

The Vice President and Dean for Graduate Education is responsible for the following:

  • Growth of graduate school, both in graduate student numbers and an increase in the quality of graduate students and programs of study
  • Streamlining graduate admissions
  • Expanding diversity in graduate school
  • The development, administration, and evaluation of graduate education throughout the university
  • Working in partnership with the faculty, program chairs, department heads, deans, graduate students (particularly through the Graduate Student Association), and the Commission on Graduate Studies and Policies to further graduate education at Virginia Tech
  • Developing academic policies and procedures
  • Assisting with the preparation of new graduate degree options and programs
  • Implementing enrollment management strategies at the graduate level
  • Overseeing the admission of graduate students
  • Monitoring graduate students’ progress toward degrees
  • Accepting and approving theses and dissertations
  • Certifying the successful completion of graduation requirements
  • Certifying eligibility of graduate students to hold assistantships (GTAs, GRAs, GAs)
  • Managing tuition remissions and scholarship and fellowship programs
  • Implementing health insurance subsidy program
  • Coordinating university-wide graduate recruitment efforts
  • Advocating and promoting a nurturing climate for graduate education
  • Mentoring graduate students
  • Coordinating university-wide graduate student orientation
  • Coordinating GTA training
  • Processing documentation for international students
  • Assuring federally mandated compliance
  • Administering the honor system
  • Facilitating interdisciplinary programs


Information and Registration

  • B. Harris

Graduate Student Recruiting and Diversity Initiatives

  • D. Gomez Beane | Director

Graduate Student Records

  • J. Austin | Interim Director, Graduate Admissions and Academic Progress

Graduate Student Services

  • M. Gibson | Director

Administrative staff

  • N. Feuerbach | Administrative Staff Assistant

Contact info

Mailing address
Vice President and Dean for Graduate Education (0325)
Graduate Life Center, Virginia Tech
155 Otey St. NW
Blacksburg, VA 24061

540-231-1670 (fax)