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Sustainability-Related Research

Research is at the heart of Virginia Tech's mission and vision. Robust research agendas are critical to the advancement of new knowledge and understanding that can help us tackle the climate crisis. There is currently a significant amount of climate-related research at Virginia Tech with major opportunities for further research and discovery in sustainability across the university.

Climate Action Related Research Examples Underway at Virginia Tech

  • Facilitating local solutions to global climate challenges
  • Environmental and climate justice movements
  • Climate communication research
  • Place-based climate adaptation workshops across the U.S.
  • Role of higher education in discouraging/rewarding climate action
  • Designing citizen campaigns/education to engage in conservation/sustainability
  • How to promote a culture of sustainability among young people
  • Pathways/barriers to achieve justice in energy transitions from fossil fuels
  • Research on disasters and communities coming together to respond
  • Work with community partners (e.g. Blacksburg Vulnerability Assessment)
  • Economics and environmental impact of land-use change in tropical countries
  • Development of circular economy systems