Alumni say SEED, BASIS provide 'vital experience'

Virginia Tech students have been able to participate in SEED (Student-managed Endowment for Educational Development) since 1992 and in BASIS (Bond And Securities Investing by Students) since 2004. Students worked on proposals and laid the groundwork for the programs, formally launching SEED in 1993 and BASIS in 2006 with funds from the Virginia Tech Foundation.


BASIS adviser George Morgan, at far right in the back row, accompanied group members to Charlotte, N.C., in 2011. BASIS adviser George Morgan, at far right in the back row, accompanied group members to Charlotte, N.C., in 2011 to meet alumni and hear presentations at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo, and Ally.

Though both programs are extracurricular, they are also distinctly educational enterprises with strong ties to the finance classroom and curriculum. Alumni of both programs say the real-world experiences they gained have been invaluable to their careers.

  • “BASIS was key in my pursuit of a career on Wall Street. I learned how to properly research and analyze possible investments and gained knowledge of the bond markets and experience with the Bloomberg terminals — vital for working on Wall Street. Furthermore, the experience of investing real money and having to report on your gains and losses to the Virginia Tech Foundation is priceless. BASIS gave me real-life experience that went well beyond what I learned in the classroom.”
    — Rollin Lynn, 2009 graduate with a degree in finance, corporate bond trader for Wells Fargo Securities
  • “SEED provided me with my first ‘real world’ working experience — how to analytically frame an opportunity and present your viewpoint in a coherent way. It was an invaluable experience for a 21-year-old.”
    — James Rosenstock, 1995 graduate with a degree in finance, executive vice president in corporate development for Discovery Communications
  • “SEED is one of the best programs the Pamplin College of Business offers. It played an instrumental role in helping me land my first job with Goldman Sachs. It served as a competitive differentiator during the interview process — I felt I was one step ahead of the competition by being well versed in equity research, fundamental analysis, and portfolio construction. In some ways, the experience you gain as a member of SEED is as valuable as those experiences on the job with a well-established firm.”
    — Chad Meade, 1999 graduate with a degree in finance, co-portfolio manager and executive vice president of Janus Triton Fund
  • “SEED is such a fantastic and unique opportunity for Virginia Tech students. Because of SEED, we are able to go into our job interviews with real-world money management and finance experience. Not only that, it allows us to sharpen our interview, resume, and networking skills.”
    — Christina Todd, 2009 graduate with a degree in finance, assistant vice president, business services officer, and portfolio manager for BB&T
  • “BASIS forces its members to stretch far beyond their expected abilities to achieve excellence. While I am not working in portfolio management, the experience was invaluable in my interview process. Furthermore, it provided me an excellent opportunity to understand capital structures within companies — something that is vital in my role today.”
    — Josh Allen, 2007 graduate with a degree in finance, investment banker with Transact AOCP
  • “I recall the initial SEED meetings where we were coming up with the basics: organization, how much money to ask for, even the name of the organization. It was an exciting time, working on something new and potentially important. The four of us pitched the SEED concept to the Virginia Tech Foundation in early 1992. It was a great experience, probably my first professional presentation. The success of SEED and BASIS goes well beyond anything we could have imagined in 1992. It’s a source of great pride when I think back to my years at Virginia Tech.”
    — John B. Paul, 1992 graduate with a degree in finance, chief financial officer for GE Intelligent Platforms
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