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Jiangtao Cheng

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Jiangtao Cheng

Optofluidics, Micro/Nanofluidics, Electrowetting, Renewable Energy, Biosensing

Earlier in my career, my project “Optofluidic Solar Concentrators” the U.S. Department of Energy named it as one of the “six transformational energy research and development projects that could revolutionize how the country uses, stores, and produces energy.”

In my research, I have extensive experience in renewable energy, optofluidics, thermal-fluid sciences, micro/nano-fluidics, multiphase fluid flow, nano-fabrications, and computational fluid dynamics numerical simulation.

Prior to joining the department of mechanical engineering in 2015 as an associate professor, I was a research associate at Pennsylvania State University and a research scientist at Teledyne Scientific Company (formerly Rockwell Science Center). In 2013, I was recognized with an Outstanding Overseas Young Scholar Award from China National Science Foundation. And in 2019, I was elected as Virginia Tech Engineering Faculty Fellow.

I earned my bachelors in applied physics from Peking University; and my masters in computer science and Ph.D. in physics; both from Purdue University.

I first discovered a passion for this work ...
In my first class of physics when I was a middle school student.

The most formative experience I've had ...
Developing an electrowetting-driven liquid prism for adaptive beam steering.

Honor or award I am most proud of ...
Five best paper/poster awards at international conferences.

I see the future in my field ...
By integrating fluid mechanics with physics.

I wish I invented ...
Digital microfluidic technology for ultrasensitive biosensing.

My favorite quote ...
"Learn something about everything - everything about something."

My work impacts society ...
By developing droplet biosensing method that opens the door for faster identification of COVID-19.

Best part of working at Virginia Tech ...
I can collaborate with the best people in their fields.

Media Contact:

Lindsey Haugh

(540) 231-6959

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Jiangtao Cheng    |    Associate Professor

Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Tech

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