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Master of Engineering (MEng) in Computer Science and Applications (csa)


The Virginia Tech College of Engineering is partnering with the Virginia State University (VSU) to help position students for mid-level and advanced positions in industries related to computing technology. By establishing an accelerated pathway of foundational courses at partner universities, currently enrolled students can be prepared for early admission to Virginia Tech’s MEng degree in computer science as early as spring of their junior year. Once accepted these students during their fourth year can begin taking up to 12 credits from an approved set of courses from the Virginia State University undergraduate degree towards their MEng degree (Virginia State University course level approved: 4XX [max. 6 credits] and 5XX from approved course list).

By outlining a clear pathway and course equivalencies, both the engineering and liberal arts student are able to participate in Virginia’s Tech Talent Pipeline. Many students will find that they can complete their MEng degree in just one extra year.

How to apply

Third-year Virginia State University students can apply to the MEng in Computer Science and Applications in their second semester after completing CSCI 250 – Programming II. They can also apply for a fee waiver and are not required to submit GRE scores.


Pathway for VSU students to the VSU/VT Accelerated UG/G CSA/CPE graduate program

All VSU majors are eligible to apply in their junior year and be accepted into the VMI/VT Accelerated UG/G CSA/CPE graduate program pursuant to:

  • Eligibility for Admission
    To be eligible for admission,
    • VSU students must complete coursework equivalent to VT CS 114 Introduction to Software Design and VT CS3114 Data Structures and Algorithms by the 2nd semester of their junior year. Current equivalencies are:
VSU Course VT Equivalent
CSCI 150 – Programming I
CSCI 151 – Programming I Lab
CS 1114 - Introduction to Software Design
CSCI 250 – Programming II
CSCI 251 – Programming II Lab
CS 2114 - Intro to Software Design and Data Structure
(Required for the Master's of Science)
CSCI 287 – Data Structures
CSCI 392 – Advanced Data Structures & Algorithms
CS 3114 - Data Structures & Algorithms

Alternate equivalencies may be considered provided VSU CSCI department recommends, and VT CS department approves.