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Master of Engineering (MEng) in Computer Engineering (CPE)

The Virginia Tech College of Engineering is partnering with James Madison University to help position students for mid-level and advanced positions in industries related to computing technology. By establishing an accelerated pathway of foundational courses at partner universities, currently enrolled students can be prepared for early admission to Virginia Tech’s MEng degree in computer engineering as early as spring of their junior year.  Once accepted these students during their fourth year can begin taking up to 12 credits from an approved set of courses that can be applied beyond the 127 required credit hours required for James Madison University undergraduate degree towards their MEng degree from an approved set of courses that can be applied towards their MEng degree (JMU course level approved: 4XX (max. 6 credits) & 5XX from approved course list).

By outlining a clear pathway and course equivalencies, both the engineering and liberal arts student are able to participate in Virginia’s Tech Talent Pipeline. Many students will find that they can complete their MEng degree with just one extra year. 

How to apply

Third-year James Madison University students can apply to the MEng in computer engineering in their second semester. They can also apply for a fee waiver and are not required to submit GRE scores.

  • Students must complete one of the approved pathways below:


Pathway for JMU ENG Major students to the JMU/VT Accelerated UG/G CPE MEng

James Madison University engineering undergraduate majors naturally meet the basic course requirements to apply for the JMU/VT Accelerated UG/G CPE MEng and undertake the process detailed above to apply for admission into the program.

JMU Course VT Equivalent
Introduction to Programming
Introduction to Programming in Java
Discrete Structures 1
MATH 2534
Introduction to Discrete Mathematics

Pathway for James Madison University computer science major students to the JMU/VT Accelerated UG/G CPE MEng

James Madison University non-engineering majors may also be eligible to apply in their Junior year and be accepted into the JMU/VT Accelerated UG/G CPE MEng program by completing a set of introductory computer science courses. To be eligible for admission, James Madison University and Virginia Tech recommend that James Madison University computer science major undergraduate students complete the following courses by the second semester of their junior year and maintain an overall minimum GPA of 3.0. These course pathways include the following scenarios:

JMU Course VT Equivalent
Math 236
Calculus II
MATH 1226
Calculus of a Single Variable II
MATH 250 or Math 237 (Calculus III??)
Multivariable Calculus
MATH 2204
Introduction to Multivariable Calculus
MATH 320
Ordinary Differential Equations
MATH 2214
Introduction to Differential Equations
MATH 300
Linear Algebra
Math 3114
Linear Algebra


You should immediately complete and submit the Collaborative UG/G Degree and Course Designation Form. You will indicate on this form the courses that you intend to take during the Collaborative UG/G period. This form will be reviewed and signed by the Virginia Tech computer science and applications department graduate program director and an appropriate authority at James Madison University. The signed Collaborative UG/G Status and Course Designation form will be sent to the Virginia Tech Graduate School for processing. This completed form and the CPE department admission recommendation with review from an appropriate authority at James Madison University are required before an admission decision can be finalized by the Virginia Tech Graduate School.

Once accepted, the student should take up to 12 credit hours of graduate coursework during the last academic year (senior status equivalent) and earn a “B” from the following list of eligible courses for transfer to the MEng computer engineering degree program. Note that a maximum of 6 credit hours can be taken at the 4xx level. The Virginia Tech approved courses are noted below.  

JMU Course VT Equivalent
CS 432
Compiler Construction
Compiler Design and Implementation
CS 452
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Data and Algorithm Analysis
CS 470
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Parallel Computation
CS 444
Artificial Intelligence
Generic Elective
CS 445
Machine Learning
Machine Learning
CS 457
Information Security
Principles of Computer Security
CS 458
Generic Elective
CS 488
Computer Applications Application
Computer Graphics
courses are forthcoming
courses will be reviewed
upon receipt of the list
and accompanying syllabi.

For questions or more information regarding the Virginia Tech MEng degree program, contact Virginia Tech computer engineering admissions. For questions or more information regarding what courses to take at James Madison University to be prepared for admission into the Virginia Tech MEng degree program, please contact the James Madison University engineering advisor and outreach coordinator.

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