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Pritchard Hall

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Pritchard Hall
Pritchard Hall

Pritchard Hall is home to more than 1,000 male and female students. 

Inside the building, you will find several living-learning communities.

  • Thrive is designed to provide first-year students with an opportunity to build community, develop relationships, and engage in programs that will enhance their first-year experience on campus and help them stay motivated throughout their time at the university.
  • Innovate is a community of entrepreneurs, visionaries, business leaders, tech enthusiasts, knowledge aficionados, learning devotees, and small business fanatics who together have one common goal: to transform opportunities into action. Innovate is open to students of all academic majors.
  • Studio 72 encourages creative approaches to problem solving, with an emphasis on collaborative art-making in both curricular and co-curricular settings. Each academic year will culminate in a student-run showcase of art created by students in collaboration with one another.
  • Transfer Experience gives its members an instant peer network of others who also have some post-secondary education and are transitioning Virginia Tech.
  • VIA consists of students who are currently enrolled as majors in University Studies.

Samuel Reynolds Pritchard Sr.

Samuel Reynolds Pritchard Sr.

Pritchard Hall is named for Samuel Reynolds Pritchard Sr., who worked here from 1893 until 1928 as professor and head of physics and electrical engineering and dean of engineering. An extraordinary teacher and man of unusual ability, Pritchard created and developed the Department of Physics and Electrical Engineering and built a favorable reputation for the department. He was one of the most well known laymen of the Baltimore Methodist Conference and was noted for his innate goodness.

Building History

Construction was completed in 1967 on Pritchard Hall. 

Originally Built:
Map Grid:
Abbreviation / Number:
1967 / 031
37.22433, -80.41974