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John W. Hancock Jr. Hall

490 Old Turner St.
Hancock Hall
Hancock Hall

John W. Hancock Hall is an academic building that is home to several departments of the College of Engineering. Its auditorium is shared between the College of Architecture and Urban Studies and the university.

John William Hancock Jr.

Hancock Hall is named for John William Hancock, a 1925 graduate, member of the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors, board chairman of the Virginia Tech Foundation, and a generous benefactor of his alma mater. Hancock founded Roanoke Electric Steel Corporation and John W. Hancock Jr. Inc. He was deeply committed to civic projects, helping establish Roanoke's first industrial park, Center in the Square, and the Explore Park, and he spurred the integration of restaurants in Roanoke, Va.

Building History

Hancock Hall was built in 1990. It was renovated in 2002 to provide two laboratories and a gas-handling area for the materials engineering program.

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HAN / 133C
37.23016, -80.42427