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Vice President for Finance

Ken Miller

The Vice President for Finance and the division of Budget and Financial Management are responsible for the following:

  • Providing the primary support to university leadership in identifying, obtaining, and allocating the resources needed to achieve the university’s mission and the goals and objectives of the university’s strategic plan
  • Supporting management decision-making and developing innovative solutions to challenging problems through sound financial-management practices and extensive financial planning
  • Developing and maintaining active relationships with several entities and key staff within the Executive Branch and the General Assembly to ensure a positive and effective working environment for the university
  • Providing oversight to the university's accounting processes, including financial relationships with the commonwealth and regulatory relationships with the state and federal governments
  • Providing support for the university's internal operations through the development of innovative procurement operations and through the delivery of identification, debit card, and security services through the Hokie Passport
  • Enabling the development and enhancement of effective business practices throughout the university, including the implementation of new financial and business information systems to provide electronic, paperless services to the university's faculty, staff, and students


Budget and Financial Planning

  • Timothy L. Hodge | Associate Vice President for Budget & Financial Planning

Bursar’s Office

  • Lauren Lawson | University Bursar

Capital Assets and Financial Management

  • Robert R. Broyden | Associate Vice President for Capital Assets & Financial Management

Controller’s Office

  • Melinda J. West | Associate Vice President & University Controller

Finance Information Technology

  • Lisa Blackwell  | Director of Finance Information Technology & Innovation

Hokie Passport Services

  • Joseph R. Griffitts | Director

Procurement and Surplus Property

  • Mary W. Helmick | Director

Risk Management

  • Rebecca Folmar | Director

University Treasurer

  • John J. Cusimano | University Treasurer and Associate Vice President for Finance-Virginia Tech Foundation


Contact info

Mailing address
Vice President for Finance (0174)
134 Burruss Hall, Virginia Tech
800 Drillfield Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24061


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